An over-reaching ordinance is being considered...


This is an opportunity to promote COMMON SENSE!




  • HB 650 now renders Blowing Rock's ban unenforceable.

  • Planning Board documents indicate park gazebos, walking tracks, pavilions, green spaces and restrooms are slated for designation as "athletic facilities" and bans.

  • Such bans constitute clear violations of HB 650.




  • This meeting will be held in the Town Council Chambers, 1036 Main Street.

  • An overly-broad proposed ordinance will be discussed for recommendation to the Town Council.

  • A copy of this ordinance is available here:,


Contact the Mayor and Members of the Town Council


  • They don't provide email addresses so we will have to call.

  • Make sure to call them ALL!

  • Mayor J.B. Lawrence (828) 295-8072, Tommy Klutz (828) 295-3502, Doug Matheson (828) 295-3932, Phillip Pickett (828) 295-9662, Jim Steele (828) 295-6540, Albert Yount (828) 295-0079

  • Use the talking points below to guide your discussion.

Talking Points


  • Complying with state law is as easy as not posting against carry anywhere.

  • Only specific playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities can be legally posted

  • Bans are unnecessary, require expensive signs and open the Town to expensive litigation.

  • Limiting a Constitutional right is serious business and shouldn't be done for any reason.

  • Over 395,000 concealed handgun permits have been approved over 16 years without trouble.

  • Increased "shall-issue" laws are always followed by reduced crime.

  • There is no evidence that bans solve problems.

  • There is clear evidence that disarmed victims are targeted by criminals.

Attend the Planning Board Meeting


  • This Thursday, December 15, at 5:30 in the Town Hall, 1036 Main Street, Blowing Rock

  • Save the date and do your best to attend - YOUR ATTENDENCE IS POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE!

GRNC is preparing to take appropriate legal action and needs to identify local plaintiffs


  • Plaintiffs are currently needed for actions within Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greenville and Smithfield. Please contact

  • Other municipalities may be added.

  • Everyone should carefully monitor municipal ordinances, particularly those recently enacted.

  • Any restrictions beyond "a playground, an athletic field, a swimming pool, or an athletic facility" should be immediately reported to


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