North Carolina’s only ‘no-compromise’ gun rights organization
As North Carolina’s most effective gun rights organization, Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) was created in 1994 as an independent, all-volunteer 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving constitutional freedoms. Most – but not all – of the organization’s projects are devoted to defending the individual right to keep and bear arms.


Who is GRNC?

GRNC is you. As a volunteer organization, Grass Roots North Carolina is exactly what the name implies: A collection of volunteers from a broad array of backgrounds who share a common interest in defending individual liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.


GRNC tactics

As a grass roots mobilization organization, GRNC has created a network utilizing mass distribution of legislative alerts well beyond its membership roster of many thousands of gun owners. Using gun shows, gun shops, concealed handgun classes and wildlife clubs plus our periodic newsletter, an extensive e-mail alert network and website at www.GRNC.org, GRNC seeks to mobilize Second Amendment supporters across the state, thereby focusing intense grass roots pressure on legislators, committees and corporations.


When politicians “feel the heat, they see the light.” What distinguishes GRNC from the NRA and some other organizations is our “no compromise” approach. We do not compromise on principle.


GRNC’s Mascot ‘Max’

As a symbol of tenacity, GRNC has adopted “Max,” a pit bull with the Constitution clenched between his teeth. Max represents not only GRNC’s aggressive tactics, but also our promise, as a lean, all-volunteer organization, to deliver you “max bang for your legislative buck.”


GRNC’s Many Successes


Pro-gun legislation GRNC introduced and passed:


  • Central to drafting and passing North Carolina’s concealed handgun law;


  • Passed a clean concealed handgun reciprocity law which has captured 38 states;


  • Passed legislation enabling concealed handgun permit-holders to avoid redundant background checks when purchasing handguns, thereby circumventing sheriffs who restrict such permits;


  • Passed one of the strongest “Castle Doctrine”/”Stand Your Ground” laws in the country.


  • Assisted litigation to strike down North Carolina’s “State of Emergency” gun ban in court, and then completely repealed it from state statutes;


  • Expanded concealed carry into state and municipal parks, restaurants, theaters, and even, to a limited extent, schools;


Anti-gun legislation GRNC has defeated:


  • Forged the "National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban," comprising 39 state and federal organizations, which helped kill federal gun control in 2013.


  • Numerous bills designed to shut down gun shows and register private gun sales with the FBI;


  • Mandatory gun storage bills which would have made criminals of responsible gun owners;


  • Legislation to ban carrying guns for self-protection in public parks, playgrounds,  and child care centers;


  • Attempts to post highway rest stops against concealed carry;


  • Legislation to criminalize lawful gun owners whose guns are stolen and unreported, even if the gun owner was unaware of the theft…


…and much, much more.


At both state and federal levels,

GRNC will continue to fight for the
Second Amendment and your constitutional freedoms.