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GRNC thanks you!

The GRNC-PVF Rrage AR-15 drawing has been conducted, and GRNC wishes to thank and congratulate the winner, Robert of Raleigh, particularly for his winning strategy of buying lots of tickets! For everyone who bought tickets, we thank you for helping finance what has been the most ambitious and successful election effort in GRNC’s 26-year history!






GRNC joins protest against left-wing judicial activist overturning will of voters on voter ID law



 Lt. Gov. candidate Mark Robinson blasts left-wing judge who overturned voter ID


GRNC joins Winston-Salem protest


Congressional candidate Lee Haywood protests left-wing judge who overturned voter ID




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We at GRNC would like to express our most sincere gratitude to everyone at the Sir Walter Gun Club. In June, and for the fifth year in a row, members of the Sir Walter Gun Club organized and hosted a match for the purpose of contributing to Grass Roots North Carolina. 




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