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NC Gun Blast is a free subscription service that delivers timely references to online gun rights articles, editorials, letters to the editor, and polls directly to your inbox. No more digging around trying to find where the anti-gun media in North Carolina is currently concealing itself, and hoping to stumble across their misstatements, insults and omissions that are in need of correction. Now, there is a one-shot subscription service that will supply you with a list of recent NC press pieces and polls in need of pro-gun attention. Surely, you’d like every opportunity to straighten out anti-gun posters who spray the Internet with inspired thought like this:

“In any case, I'll be looking for the ‘Gun-Nut Free Zone’ signs as I make my choices of which establishments to patronize. The last place I want to be is in a restaurant with a bar filled with a bunch of drunken, armed-to-the-teeth wannabe Rambos just itching for the chance to have somebody ‘make their day.’"


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