We have been contacted by members asking why they have stopped getting our emails. There are several reason for this.

  1. The email has been unsubscribed. Each email sent has an unsubscribe link. If you click it out of curiosity of accidentally, you are removed immediately. Or more likely, anyone that you forward our email to, can click the link and YOU are the one unsubscribed.
  2. Your email has changed and you have not update your membership information. If this is you, click here (link for membership update)
  3. Censorship. We noticed in the months prior to the 2020 elections that all email sent to certain domains were being tagged as spam and blocked.  Domain is what comes after the @ in your email address. If you want to know if your "domain" is one of these, send an email to GRNC.french@pm.me.

If your are a member and one of the above might be you, click here to update your membership information.

If your reading this and not a member but want to receive email from Grass Roots North Carolina, click here