Over-reaching ordinance Headed to Town Coucil...


This is an opportunity to promote COMMON SENSE!




After a recommendation from the Town Planning Board, an overreaching and illegal recommendation is being presented to the Town Council of Blowing Rock. This ordinance is available here: http://townofblowingrock.com/supdoc/Amend%2015-16.pdf


Under HB 650 which went into effect Dec. 1, only very narrowly defined "recreation areas" may be posted. Like some other cities, Blowing Rock is considering expanding this definition to unbelievable proportions. Planning Board has recommended park gazebos, walking tracks, pavilions, green spaces and restrooms be slated for designation as "athletic facilities" and bans.


Of course, the temptation is to sit back and assume that this will not stand because it is not legal, but when unchallenged, illegal and immoral bans become accepted, and even become legal precedence over time. You must not allow this to stand.


An important point to remember, even if you are not a Blowing Rock resident, is the fact that Blowing Rock is a major tourist destination in our state. A town of only three square miles is also home to more than 100 shops and nearly 20 hotels and inns. Consequently, much of Blowing Rock's revenue comes from YOUR tourist dollar. Let the town council and the Chamber of Commerce both know that your money can be spent elsewhere if they abuse your rights.

Contact the Mayor and Members of the Town Council and The Chamber of Commerce

Contact the Mayor and Members of the Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce

  • They only provide one central email address: townofbr@bellsouth.net

  • Copy the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Charles Hardin at: hardine@BlowingRock.com and call him at: Business: 828.295.4643, Fax: 828.295.4643 with the same message.

  • Make sure to also call town council members!

  • Mayor J.B. Lawrence (828) 295-8072, Tommy Klutz (828) 295-3502, Doug Matheson (828) 295-3932, Phillip Pickett (828) 295-9662, Jim Steele (828) 295-6540, Albert Yount (828) 295-0079

  • Use the talking points below to guide your discussion.

Talking Points


  • Complying with state law is as easy as not posting against carry anywhere.

  • Only specific playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities can be legally posted

  • Bans are unnecessary, require expensive signs and open the Town to expensive litigation.

  • Limiting a Constitutional right is serious business and shouldn't be done for any reason.

  • Over 395,000 concealed handgun permits have been approved over 16 years without trouble.

  • Increased "shall-issue" laws are always followed by reduced crime.

  • There is no evidence that bans solve problems.

  • There is clear evidence that disarmed victims are targeted by criminals.

Attend the Town Council Meeting

Deliver This Message

To: Mayor and all Town Council Members


Dear Council Member:


The proposal by the Town Planning Board to distort the definitions of "recreation" areas under the newly implemented HB 650, which allows the fundamental right of self protection in parks by permitting Concealed Carry Permittees to carry their legally concealed weapons in parks. You may not be aware, but violent crime rates have plunged almost everywhere in the state of North Carolina during the 16 years since the implementation of the Concealed Carry law. One of the areas where it has risen rather than declining is parks! It is not hard for a reasonable person to figure out that this is due to bans of concealed weapons by permit holders.


If you truly care about the safety of your citizens and visitors from criminals, you will implement HB 650 to its fullest. This means, no bans of Concealed Carry ANYWHERE in your parks. As a major tourist destination, it is important to you that your visitors be safe. As such, it is important to me that I am allowed to protect my family in your parks. Therefore, your decisions on this matter will factor in on where my tourist dollars are spent.




A Concerned Citizen

GRNC is preparing to take appropriate legal action and needs to identify local plaintiffs


  • Plaintiffs are currently needed for actions within Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greenville and Smithfield. Please contact alert@grnc.org.

  • Other municipalities may be added.

  • Everyone should carefully monitor municipal ordinances, particularly those recently enacted.

  • Any restrictions beyond "a playground, an athletic field, a swimming pool, or an athletic facility" should be immediately reported to alert@grnc.org.


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