The Hickory City Council voted 6-1 to uphold the provisions set forth by HB 650 and allow Concealed Carry in all areas of Hickory city parks.  Thanks go to the Catawba Valley Wildlife Club and particularly their president Bob Meek.  This fine group kept up the pressure and prevailed.  GRNC is proud to share the fight with them in the effort to further the recognition of our rights in their area.



Last night, Tuesday, Dec. 6, the city council of Smithfield discussed the matter of HB 650 and Concealed Carry in city parks.  The bottom line of this meeting likely came from a statement by Mayor Daniel Evans, Jr. who said that it may be up to a court to determine if they were within their rights in enacting their ordinance.  Also from this meeting it became reasonably clear where each member stood on the issue.

There was solid support from one member of the council, Perry Harris:
Perry Harris District 2   perry.harris@ci.smithfield.nc.us 919-934-0848

Andy Moore had some good comments, please encourage him:
Andy Moore At - Large  andy.moore@ci.smithfield.nc.us 919-938-0768

Daniel Evans, Jr. Mayor, said while they didn't intend to infringe on law abiding gun owners, that it may be up to a court case to determine if they were within their rights.
Daniel Evans, Jr.  Mayor   daniel.evans@ci.smithfield.nc.us 919-669-8811

Charles Williams seemed pretty clearly opposed to firearms in parks:
Charles Williams  District 1 charles.williams@ci.smithfield.nc.us 919-934-0534

Zach Crocker kept interrupting and saying that he had HB650 and their statute in front of him and they were within their rights.  He has also repeatedly responded to individual emails with the contentious admonition: "Could you please tell me how Smithfield's ordinance 472 does not comply with HB650.  We have to comply with the law.  As a North Carolina municipality we have no other choice."

Zach Crocker   District 4   zach.crocker@ci.smithfield.nc.us 919-631-5837

The problem with Crocker's position is that Smithfield added several "PARKS" to their list of prohibited places "reclassifying" entire parks as "Recreational Facilities" specifically to ban the possession of handguns.  Of course there is also the issue that gun owners are not willing to settle for the bare minimum.  Just because they technically CAN restrict carry in some limited parts of their parks, it does not mean they SHOULD.

If you are married, was it your desire to settle for the bare minimum in selecting a spouse?  How about the desire of achievement in your children?  Does the bare minimum satisfy your desires?  Then why would you settle for the bare minimum when it comes to their personal protection!


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