Dear Gun Rights Supporter:

Meet 'The Three Weasels of the North Carolina House': Majority Leader 'Skip' Stam, Rep. David Guice, and Rep. Chuck McGrady.


Weasel #1While other Republicans were working to pass Castle Doctrine, parks carry, and far more, these three:

  • Weakened concealed carry in parks by adding language that cities are now exploiting to flout the new state law
  • Killed legislation to allow employees to keep firearms locked in their cars at workplaces; and
  • Voted to make you a felon if you keep a gun in your car while taking your kids to school.1

And then they all made a show of voting for final passage of the bill they weakened ... all to show you what great "gun rights supporters" they are.


Right now, these weasels are laughing at you.


The bad news ...


Want some payback? You can't get it, at least not all of it. Unfortunately, Guice read the writing on the wall: Afraid to face you in November, he scurried into his hole by taking a cushy bureaucrat job from Democrat Governor Bev Perdue.


The good news ...


Weasel #2You can still deliver payback to Stam, McGrady and anti-gun politicians like them, and GRNC will give you the weapons to do it.


It's called The GRNC Political Victory Fund, and it's the weapon we use to defeat anti-gun politicians and elect those who defend your rights.


Election laws prevent us from using GRNC money to "throw the bums out." So we created GRNC-PVF as a federally-registered political action committee to elect pro-gun candidates and defeat anti-gun candidates.


GRNC-PVF doesn't throw money at politicians. Instead, it mails thousands of postcard election alerts, does highly professional radio spots and automated phone calls for or against candidates. Previous radio spots -- some quite amusing, all playing hardball -- can be heard on GRNC's newly updated website at


How effective is GRNC-PVF? Ask Hugh Holliman,former NC House Majority Leader, who made the mistake of blocking GRNC's previous Castle Doctrine bill. GRNC-PVF beat him in the 2010 election, and his successor, Rep. Rayne Brown (R-Davidson) was a proud co-sponsor of the Castle Doctrine bill which became law on December 1 in House Bill 650.


The better news ...


You can not only help defeat anti-gun politicians for as little as $5, you can win a Glock or Kahr Arms pistol!


By law, funds used for elections must be raised separately from membership money. Translated, that means even if you have contributed to GRNC, we need your help with GRNC-PVF! Clever lads and lassies that GRNC leaders are, however, we have found a way to make that not only painless, but potentially profitable.


What the GRNC-PVF gun raffle offers you a chance to win:


  • 1st Prize:  Glock 27 (donated by Larry Hyatt of Hyatt Gun Shop)
  • 2nd Prize:  Kahr Arms CW9 (donated by pistol smith Barry Washik of Sterling Pistols)
  • 3rd Prize:  Custom-made holster (donated by
  • 4th & 5th Prize: NC concealed carry classes (donated by instructor Jim Grindstaff and Lake Norman Firearms)


How to win a Glock or Kahr Arms pistol


Tickets are $5 each, or 3 for each subsequent $10 increment (e.g. 6 for $20, or 12 for $30). You can order tickets by going to:


Drawing will be held at the Fayetteville C&E gun show on August 5, 2012. Because mailing raffle tickets is against postal regulations, tickets will be scanned and the image of the ticket emailed to purchasers.


With your help, GRNC-PVF will hold politicians accountable in the election season for what they do in the legislative season.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

Grant Gardner

Grant Gardner,


GRNC Political Victory Fund


Defend your rights: Order tickets now!


  1. McGrady voted against the Rapp amendment to remove guns in locked compartments on educational property.
  2. All firearms transfers will be conducted in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.


This election alert was paid for by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund