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To all of you who helped make GRNC’s press conference and kickoff of our “North Carolina Moms Against Bloomberg” radio campaign a huge success, please accept my thanks. GRNC’s site now features photos and a video of the full conference, which was addressed by Rep. Larry Pittman, Josette Chmiel, and me. In attendance were not only our supporters, but a wide array of news organizations up to and including the Associated Press, which carried the story nationally. Beyond North Carolina, the conference was covered extensively in the Washington Times, the Breitbart News Network and elsewhere. Links to at least some coverage are contained in our HB 562 Resource Center.


Particular thanks are due to the six women who joined us at the podium, individually stepping up to the microphone to echo the poignant message delivered by our radio ads: “I’m a North Carolina Mom, and Michael Bloomberg doesn’t speak for me.”


Please continue contacting NC House Republicans to demand they bring HB 562 to the House floor for a vote, intact and in its present form. To that end, GRNC is still raising funds for additional radio ads, so if you can help, please go to: http://www.grnc.org/join-grnc/contribute


Armatissimi e liberissimi,

Paul Valone

HB-562 Resource Center