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GRNC is starting off the year with both feet on the ground running hard.  Our first victory occurred  in Wilson, NC, where the City Attorney, after reviewing Wilson Park Signage at our request, acknowledged their signs are NOT in compliance with State Law and committed to fixing them.

Last night, with the help of GRNC members in attendance, the Village of Wesley Chapel permanently tabled their bad idea of creating a “Dangerous Weapons” Ordinance for Village facilities.  After hearing from Speakers from the floor, as well as a plethora of emails generated from our GRNC Alert, the Village Council no longer had any desire to proceed.  A two-two tie, broken in favor of continuing this matter last month quickly became a 4-0 unanimous vote last night without any discussion.  Yes, indeed, the Wesley Chapel Village Council did not want a round three with GRNC!

This win in Wesley Chapel means that we're building momentum for Lobby Day at the State Capitol---starting 2015 with a bang http://grnc.org/citizen-lobby-day


Sign Online Legislative Petition 2014


Petition calling upon members of the General Assembly to finish the work they began by requiring bureaucrats to obey laws enabling citizens to defend themselves.

Lies Told by Moms Demanding Action

Click here to learn the full details of the deceptions spread by the so-called Moms Demanding Action (or rather Moms Demanding Gun Bans).

Additional Skills Needed for the GRNC Alert Team

A person is needed to expand the GRNC alert team.  Good writing skills is a must along with the ability to coordinate with personnel at various levels.  Knowledge of HTML and ability to manipulate HTML style emails on the code level.  Strong understanding of desktop publishing concepts and Microsoft Office tools.  Person should be able to translate legal, political, technical and firearms jargon into layman's terms and make the public care about the issue.  Familiarity of a mass emailing system like Constant Contact is a nice to have.

If interested, please contact GRNC via the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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