Those of you who emailed Leith Nissan may have received a message from Danny Williams at the dealership. Somehow, he thinks Leith isn't really advertising with WRAL, even though he himself admits they run advertising in the weather section of the WRAL website. Please note that a few years ago we responded to WRAL publishing an address-searchable database of concealed handgun permit-holders by focusing on Leith, which pulled its WRAL advertising, but returned it once we were no longer looking. And although Leith Nissan might not be posted against concealed carry, we have received reports of posting at other Leith dealerships.

Economic action is always most effective when concentrated on one target at a time and when directed at entities which make their money from us, which WRAL does not. Moreover, complaining about not going after other advertisers when Leith is itself advertising with WRAL is akin to trying to talk yourself out of a traffic ticket by saying, "But officer, the other drivers were speeding too!"

Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina