Gun Rights Supporters:

     Just days ago, GRNC struck our first blow against Eric Holder and his “National Redistricting Action Fund” – the means by which he intends to “Sue ‘til their blue” – namely, to strike down political districts in leftist-controlled courts until anti-gun Democrats take over the state as they did in Virginia.

    The “good” news (such as it is) is that Holder lost in court on the same day that GRNC volunteers and activists demonstrated outside the courtroom against leftist judges subverting the will of voters.

    That means we “only” lose two Congressional seats to leftists in the next election. (Oh, did I mention that longtime anti-gun politician and former Rep. Deborah Ross, who killed GRNC’s Castle Doctrine bill the first time we ran it, is now running for Congress in one of those districts?)

Your gun rights at stake for next 10 years...

    But the more important races will actually be for state House and Senate seats, since 2020 will be yet another redistricting year in which the party in control will draw districts either friendly or hostile to gun rights for the next TEN YEARS.

You heard it right: At stake are your gun rights FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS.

    In Virginia, Democrats seized control of both chambers of the legislature, giving them complete control of the state.

    And who engineered the rout of conservatives? Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

    And what are the consequences? Says Breitbart News: “[Governor] Ralph Northam Plans War on Guns After Democrats Take Virginia Legislature.”

Eric Holder is already here

    “Sue ‘til they’re blue.” That is the strategy being employed by none other than Eric Holder of “Fast and Furious” infamy, right here in North Carolina.

     In fact, leftists have made North Carolina “ground zero” in their attempt to overturn the will of voters and seize power.
    And who else is behind the effort? Barack Obama himself. Relying on activist judges who ignore legal precedent in pursuit of their own personal agendas, Holder and Obama have created the “National Redistricting Committee” to sue over creation of political districts.

    They claim a goal of stopping the age-old (and perfectly legal) practice of “gerrymandering,” wherein the party in control draws political districts which favor the party in control.

    Laudable though that might sound, however, Holder and Obama are suing ONLY in conservative states. They have no problem with leftists drawing districts favoring leftists.

Why should you care about redistricting?

    Virginia is about to discover what happens when the hard left that now runs the Democrat Party gets total control. Once leftists rule both chambers of the legislature and the governor’s mansion, their gun ban agenda can’t be stopped.

    If you need evidence that Holder has in mind for you what he just did in Virginia, here it is in the words of his own organization:

"...this fight in North Carolina is a pivotal moment: Three of the flipped seats in Virginia yesterday were in newly redrawn districts -- a direct result of a court case holding that several districts in the state were racial gerrymanders that diluted the voting power of African-American communities.”

Your future under leftist control

In Virginia, leftist Governor Ralph Northam just announced Democrats will “START with:
  • "Universal background checks” (a.k.a. “universal gun registration”);
  • Banning semi-autos and  standard capacity magazines;
  • One-gun-a-month gun rationing; and
  • Red flag gun confiscation.
    If Holder, Bloomberg & Co. get their way, do you doubt for a moment that leftist Governor Roy Cooper (GRNC 0-star) wouldn’t do exactly the same thing?

'Working on’ gun confiscation

    Says “The Blaze”: “Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) of blackface already ‘working on’ a plan for confiscating so-called ‘assault weapons from law-abiding gun owners – a plan which is now revealed to lack even a grandfather clause for guns already owned, meaning Northam plans to confiscate existing guns.

    Now I want you to imagine the trio that introduced a dozen gun control bills just this year – anti-gun NC House Reps. Pricey Harrison, Marcia Morey and Christy Clark in positions of power with Governor Roy Cooper to sign into law the gun bans they pass.

The leftist strategy here in NC

Because local races for the General Assembly are key, and more easily swayed, the left plans to:
  • Sue for more favorable districts; and then
  • Pour millions of dollars into LOCAL races for NC House and Senate to control both chambers of the legislature.

The anti-gun ‘perfect storm’...

     Unfortunately, we can’t count on the NRA to help, since we all know the organization has been consumed by internal conflict.

The result is a “perfect storm” of:
  • Leftist courts helping leftists draw districts for leftists;
  • Out-of-state money from Michael Bloomberg and other leftists pouring into local and statewide races; and
  • Little or no NRA help.

Can GRNC stop the onslaught?

To be honest, I don’t know. But I do know two things:


  1. That our federally-registered political action committee, the GRNC Political Victory Fund, is the most effective gun rights political force in the state; and
  2. If we don’t start doing something fast, anti-gunners will take over the NC General Assembly.

    I laughed, a few weeks ago, when the twin socialist organs otherwise known as the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer BOTH attacked GRNC-PVF, claiming we don’t donate much money to candidates.

    Of course we don’t. Should we throw money at politicians who might “re-gift” it to anti-gun cohorts or would you prefer “independent expenditures” for pro-gun legislators that WE control?

In each election, the GRNC Political Victory Fund:
  • Mails hundreds of thousands of postcard election alerts;
  • Sends millions of emails;
  • Makes tens of thousands of telephone election alerts;
  • Reaches tens of thousands via Facebook ads; and
  • Spends thousands of dollars on radio spots.

    But we can’t do it without you. Yes, we are far more efficient than other PACs because volunteers pour thousands of hours of sweat into defending your gun rights.

But the sad reality is that winning still requires money.

What I need you to do...

    But one way or the other, we desperately need your help to defend North Carolina gun rights against the anti-gun “perfect storm” bearing down on us in the 2020 elections.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,




F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina
Executive Director, Rights Watch International
Radio host, Guns, Politics and Freedom

P.S. Yes, I realize you have lots of competing interests but, in the 2020 elections, our rights are at stake. So I am asking you to take a moment away from your busy life to help GRNC-PVF defend gun rights from the leftist onslaught. $250, 100, $50, even $25 will help the GRNC Political Victory Fund to prevail.