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As you undoubtedly know from yesterday morning's alert, the local chapter of Michael Bloomberg's Nanny Moms Demand Absolute Subservience (also known as "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense") organized a "protest" at the Wake Forest location of the Staples office supply store yesterday. Our sources tell us that exactly ten people showed up; coincidentally, the exact number of "paid" staffers that MDA has on the take in North Carolina.

Not surprisingly, the moms didn't get the red carpet treatment they were expecting. Relegated to the parking lot and doing their best to feign what last shard of dignity they could muster, the only audience the moms seemed to find was the lone police officer that showed up, and the news crew that took pity on them (it was a slow news day, save the stabbing in Durham that undoubtedly means we should now ban knives).

Local news reports that Staples' only comment to this farce was that "... the chain currently follows all state, federal, and local laws when it comes to firearms."

Somebody should really tell these moms that their "demands" are as useless as the bad policies they're proselytizing. And, that ruling by fiat and issuing "demands" is bad parenting. Thankfully, the good folks at Staples, and the vast majority of the voting public in North Carolina know better.

Yesterday's mommy-flub was a victory to freedom-loving patriots everywhere, but we must remain vigilant. With Bloomberg's deep pockets at work, there's no telling what anti-freedom stunt they'll pull next. Stay tuned to your Grass Roots North Carolina alerts to find out how you can help be the voice of freedom and responsibility, and please consider donating to Grass Roots North Carolina so we can continue to help defend your freedoms.


  • When you find yourself needing office supplies, consider giving Staples your business. Be sure to mention to the manager or the checkout clerk that you're glad Staples has sided with the majority of responsible, law-abiding citizens.

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