If you didn’t make it to GRNC’s Annual Dinner and Freedom Awards this year, on June 22nd, you missed an awful lot. Don’t worry though, if you weren’t there, GRNC has you covered. There are plenty of photos and videos available so you can see what happened. Click here to see photos and click on the links provided below to watch the respective videos.

Held at the Hilton in North Raleigh, this year’s event had the highest attendance of any annual dinner event in GRNC’s history, and all of these gun rights supporters had a great time mingling, getting books signed, winning AR-15s, and listening to high caliber speakers.

Paul Valone kicked off the trifecta of events with the Annual Members Meeting. He delivered some great news about GRNC’s current position. In the areas of strength, membership and legislative accomplishment, GRNC has never been better off. The members at this meeting were surely pleased, and maybe even pleasantly surprised to hear about all of the positive things happening within the organization. Indeed, things are going quite well, but Paul was sure to stress that GRNC will continue to push, and next year, he hopes to report that things are even better still.

With business out of the way, it was time to kick back and relax at the VIP Reception. James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas, and “most feared gun researcher,” John R. Lott, were both at the reception mingling with the guests and signing books. GRNC supporters used the reception to put faces to names, get to know each other, and to have one-on-one conversations with Mr. Lott and Mr. O’Keefe.

After the reception, the banquet hall filled to the brim with the greatest people on the planet—North Carolina gun rights supporters, and these Second Amendment devotees could not have asked for anything more than what they got. After Paul Valone warmed up the crowd with facts about GRNC’s effectiveness, and thank-yous to GRNC members, supporters and volunteers (click here for video), he introduced legislative superhero, Representative Larry Pittman, and presented him with the 2013 GRNC "Courage in Government Award.”

Rep. Pittman, who is one of a sparse few in the General Assembly who can be consistently relied upon in the area of gun rights, delivered an inspiring speech (click here for video). After covering many of the oft discussed but important points regarding gun freedom, he fearlessly discussed the original purpose and true meaning of the Second Amendment. His talk was as informative as it was inspirational. We definitely need more representatives like Larry Pittman in Raleigh.

After Rep. Pittman’s address, Valone introduced WPTF pro-gun-freedom radio talk show host, Bill LuMaye, and presented him with the GRNC 2013 “Second Amendment Leadership in Media Award.” Graciously accepting the award, Mr. LuMaye looked around the room and noted, to chuckles, that he’d never felt safer. An accurate assessment indeed (click here for video). He continued with a very interesting history lesson on some of the earlier days of gun control in the United States. He also discussed some of the reasons for the various attitudes people have towards guns in our ever-changing culture.

A true avant-garde of the new media, James O’Keefe both entertained and educated with an amusing selection of Project Veritas videos (click here for video). Amusing they are, but more importantly, these investigative pieces have served to expose and topple corrupt leftists. Aside from entertaining us with videos like, “This is a Gun Free Home,” Mr. O’Keefe spoke to the fact that even as “regular” citizens, because of the technological age we live in, we have a lot more power than we may think to expose the truth and right the wrongs.

In true professorial form—suit and tie with sneakers—John R. Lott presented dinner guests with stark, well-researched facts about the devastating effects of gun control, and conversely the liberating and positive results brought about by gun freedom (click here for video). Aside from simply being interesting and enlightening, Mr. Lott presented statistics and real-life examples that a pro-gun audience can actually use—live ammunition, if you will.

So, dinner was delicious and the speakers were great. That alone would have been enough for most gun rights groups. But GRNC didn’t stop there. Not one, but two AR-15 raffle winners were announced, and another lucky diner won a trip to the range with James O’Keefe. For those die-hards who just couldn’t get enough fun, the evening wrapped up at the GRNC hospitality suite.

Please give thanks to GRNC Director of Development Josette Chmiel, who organized the event, and to the many dedicated GRNC volunteers who made it possible. If you didn’t make it to this year’s GRNC Annual Dinner and Freedom Awards, we hope you will still enjoy the experience through the photos and videos provided here.


If you missed the GRNC Annual Dinner and Freedom Awards, you have another chance to meet GRNC members and volunteers at GRNC's "1st Annual Meet, Greet, Eat & Shoot" on Sept. 28, 2013 at 37 Public Shooting Range, 1333 Loop Rd, Bunnlevel, NC 28323. The event will be from noon to 6 PM. This is a great opportunity to shoot, hang out with fellow GRNC members and eat. Meal is “pot luck” so please bring picnic utensils and a covered dish or drinks. The event is open to the public. GRNC membership is not required to attend. Range fee: $30. Please RSVP to:


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