HR 822 - National Reciprocity

A great deal has been written about HR 822, a national reciprocity bill currently under consideration in Congress. Some organizations are all for it and others fear and oppose it. Many others, like GRNC, have remained on the sidelines. One's position seems to depend on how much one wants the federal government -- even when well-intentioned -- to be involved. Some like NRA want everything driven from the federal level, others are not nearly so trusting.


After being asked repeatedly, GRNC is now prepared to state an opinion on HR 822. Here's our best shot at a "fair and balanced" depiction of the issue. Do we think it is horrible? Probably not. Do we think it is a good idea? Knowing Congress, probably not.


What we do know is this: GRNC passed an excellent concealed carry reciprocity law which has thus far captured 37 states. With the recent passage of HB 650, it is improved to a straight recognition law which might capture more. Federal intervention it seems would only add extra risk to the equation. This might prove unacceptable for North Carolina.


We believe that this is a case where states rights would likely serve best. One important question to ask is this: What excessive "compromises" will the NRA accede to in order to capture the highly restrictive states which do not currently offer us reciprocity.


We may have more to lose than to gain through this legislation. For our money, we tend to support proven performance.

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