Soucek Misunderstanding
As you recall, some municipalities are adopting overly broad interpretations of what constitutes an "athletic facility" in order to ban guns beyond the few areas in parks where they may still do so.

GRNC's update on the anti-gun parks ordinance passed by the Blowing Rock Town Council incorrectly reported that NC Senator Dan Soucek (R-Alexander, Ashe, Watauga, Wilkes, GRNC ****), who attended the meeting as an observer, "did not follow through on his previous pledge to speak against this ban."

The alert should have stated that although gun rights supporters wished that Soucek would speak against the proposed ordinance, he never made a pledge to do so.

In conversations with Sen. Soucek, he has pledged to help GRNC address changes to NCGS 14-415.23 in order to prevent anti-gun local leaders from abusing the statute.
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