Counters anti-gun message with the truth

about NC concealed carry...


Michael Luo and his Editors have a history of promulgating anti-gun misinformation. Their latest effort targets our state's expansion of lawful concealed carry, suggesting NC citizens with carry permits include thousands of criminals.


Despite the absurdity of this claim, it remains dangerous - lies told frequently enough begin to become believed.  We must defend each and every assault on our freedom - regardless of how small, insignificant (or in this case ludicrous) they seem to be.


As demonstrated in GRNC's video response, what Luo and the New York Times actually proved is that NC concealed carry permittees are eight times less likely to commit felonies than those without permits.


The New York Times has an enormous readership.  We need to do everything we can to publicize GRNC's response as widely as possible.  We must not permit the truth to be misrepresented!

GRNC Responds to Michael Luo and the New York Times

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