And is protected by GRNC's Castle Doctrine




The family's only concern now is to recover; there will be no criminal or civil prosecution.


Excellent local news coverage tells the story...


You can view WRAL reporter Stacy Davis' story here:


Ms. Davis has done a good job in accurately reporting on the background and implications of GRNC's recently-enacted Castle Doctrine law. The current story depicts exactly why GRNC engineered the law: The boy believed - reasonably - that he and his sister faced imminent death or great bodily harm. In the fog of fractions of a second defending his life, he believed he saw a weapon. Perhaps he did, perhaps he didn't. But under Castle Doctrine, not only is he protected from criminal prosecution, but also against malicious lawsuits filed by the survivors or the perpetrator.


The 911 call is a portrait of a 14 year-old hero...


You can listen to a recording of this call, in its entirety here:


It is tragic that a teenager would have to face this...


It may have been even more tragic if he and his sister weren't prepared for self-defense, or if the shotgun had been rendered inaccessible by misguided "gun storage laws". Armed law-abiding citizens like this young man are what will re-establish safety and order to our violent, crime-plagued society.


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