Senator Burr clearly opposes the magazine ban amendment

As a clarification, Senator Burr wants to make clear that he opposes the Lautenberg magazine ban amendment, S.A. 2575, to Cybersecurity bill S. 3414. It remains unclear what position Sen. Hagan (D-NC, 0-star) will take on this amendment.

GRNC has also learned that Sen. Burr (R-NC, ****) is not a sponsor of the “Cybersecurity Act” that is currently being used as a host for the parasitic magazine ban amendment. Burr had co-sponsored S.2151 “Secure IT Act” that is related to the amended bill S.3414 through S.2105, “Cybersecurity Act of 2012”.


You need you to do two things:


US Senators representing NC:

Richard Burr – Tel: (202) 224-3154, Email:

Kay Hagan – Tel: (202) 224-6342, Email:


To NC Senator Burr: Call and thank him for opposing the Schumer-Lautenberg Magazine Ban.

Email the following message:

Dear Senator Burr,

I am grateful that you have announced opposition to the Schumer-Lautenberg Magazine Ban, submitted as S.A. 2575 to the “Cybersecurity Act”.

As your constituent I want you to understand that this type of amendment poisons what ever bill it may be attached to.

Thank you for your pro-Second Amendment support.


To NC Senator Hagan: Call and ask her where she stands on the Schumer-Lautenberg Magazine Ban. Tell her to announce publicly that she opposes it.

Email the following message:

Dear Senator Hagan,

As a North Carolina gun owner I am outraged and insulted by the proposal to limit access of law-abiding citizens to only reduced-capacity magazines for modern defensive firearms.

This law, submitted as S.A. 2575 to S.3414 “Cybersecurity Act” makes it clear that some US Senators believe that law-abiding North Carolinians should only be trusted to defend themselves and families with obsolete weapons.

As your constituent I want you to understand that failure to pass the “Cybersecurity Act” would be better than passing it with a clearly anti-freedom amendment.

In the past you have claimed to support gun rights. Your actions, however, have often been inconsistent with this stated position. For example, your lack of signing the pledge to not support ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty was particularly troubling.

The anti-gun amendment currently at issue provides you with an opportunity to clearly demonstrate by your actions that you support the Second Amendment. Your action on this issue will be remembered during your next election.


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UPDATE: I expect @SenatorBurr & @SenatorHagan to vote against @ChuckSchumer's anti freedom magazine ban amendment #GRNC


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