Gun bills, HB 111 – the long awaited Parks and Restaurants bill -- & HB 650, “Amend Various Gun Laws,” will receive their hearings in the Senate Judiciary II Committee on Tuesday. Thanks are to go to the committee chairs -- Buck Newton, Austin Allran, and Warren Daniel – for arranging the hearings for these important bills in this committee.


Contact the three chairs listed and thank them for their support in bringing these bills up for their hearings.

  • Buck Newton - (919) 715-3030,

  • Austin Allran - (919) 733-5876,

  • Warren Daniel - (919) 715-7823,

  • Contact the rest of the Senate J-II Committee:

(Copy and Paste this list),,,,,,,,,,,,,

Deliver this message:

Dear Senator:

I am writing you urge your support for HB 111, “Handgun Permit Valid in Parks & Restaurants,” and HB 650, “Amend Various Gun Laws.” These bills are vital to the safety of North Carolina’s citizens and the rights of lawful gun owners.

Your support of these important bills is important for the future safety of North Carolina. Of course I will continue to monitor the progress of HB 111 and HB 650 with great interest through the alerts of Grass Roots North Carolina.


A Concerned North Carolina Voter