Tell the Governor to Improve Her Pro-Gun Record!

Now it's time to respectfully request that the Governor sign the bill and give North Carolinians the Castle Doctrine that has been long overdue.

Perdue had a reasonably-good pro-gun voting record while a Senator, but current political winds are blowing in unpredictable directions! Let's reminder her that:

  • HB 650 has been stripped of "lightning rod" issues.

  • It has been thoroughly vetted by parties affected.

  • It passed both House and Senate with bipartisan support.

  • It is supported by both GRNC and NRA.\

  • The Governor's pro-gun reputation will be strengthened by signing the bill into law.


Contact Governor Perdue via email at:
You may also call at: (800) 662-7952 or (919) 733-2391.
Deliver this (polite) message:

Dear Governor Perdue:

HB 650, "Amend Various Firearms Laws/Castle Doctrine" will soon be ready for your approval. This freedom-promoting bill has been thoroughly vetted by both the NC House and Senate. The stronger, "lightning rod" provisions have been removed, and it received bipartisan support in both bodies.

Castle Doctrine protection for North Carolinians is long overdue. This bill also clarifies and streamlines some other gun-related provisions, making North Carolina gun laws more sensible and consistent. This legislation is supported by both Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) and NRA.

HB 650 represents important progress toward improving Second Amendment rights of North Carolinians. Your support will enhance your reputation as one who respects the Constitution and specifically Second Amendment rights. I respectfully request that you sign this bill into law.


A Concerned North Carolina Voter