HB 562 barely clears committee as 3 Republicans vote to kill it: Bill on calendar for floor vote Monday night!

Thanks to the leadership of Speaker TIM MOORE (R-Cleveland, GRNC ****) and Rules Chair DAVID LEWIS (R-Harnett, ****), House Bill 562 passed in committee on Wednesday, and heads to the floor for a vote on Monday night. That does not mean the bill is out of danger. In fact, even if the bill survives a floor vote, numerous REPUBLICANS will try to gut it by amending it to remove the purchase permit repeal and what little is left of the medical privacy language.


Republicans could sink HB 562

The bill cleared committee only after Rules Chairman Lewis voted to break a 13-13 tie – a tie which resulted only because Republicans LEO DAUGHTRY (R-Johnston), TED DAVIS (R-New Hanover) and JOHN FRALEY (R-Iredell) voted to kill the bill. We will henceforth refer to these RINOs as “The Gang of 3” and count on you to make an example of them.

Worse, there is significant opposition in the Republican caucus to the purchase permit repeal, with many Republicans listening to sheriffs who cling to the power to deny handgun purchases by anybody they arbitrarily decide is not of “good moral character.” Make no mistake: Some complain about the quality of data in the National Instant Check System, but this is all about power.

Thirteen citizens and representatives addressed the committee, with Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms” in large attendance. GRNC president Paul Valone and legislative director Jeff Rau both made comments widely carried by state and national media.

Heroes of the day

In addition to Speaker Moore and Chairman Lewis, thanks are due to Reps. JUSTIN BURR, JACQUELINE SCHAFFER, GEORGE CLEVELAND and JAY ADAMS, who spoke eloquently to defend the bill. In particular, Burr called NC Sheriffs’ Association representative Doug Miskew to the microphone to ask whether the association, which opposes the purchase permit repeal, had actually polled its members on the issue. Miskew’s answer was a dodge: “The sheriffs’ association opposes the repeal of the purchase permit law.”

Will McCrory join the gang?

Potentially joining “The Gang of Three,” a representative for Governor PAT McCRORY testified that the governor “opposes” the bill. One should note, however, that he stopped short of saying the governor would VETO the bill, unlike 2013 when the purchase permit was last considered. You need to deliver McCrory a message that the 2016 gubernatorial election is fast approaching, and he will not get your vote if he vetoes HB 562!


Vote is MONDAY: Act now!

· CONTACT NC HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Use the copy-and-paste list and message below to deliver a clear message that you sent them to Raleigh, and you can remove them if they vote against your interests.
· DELIVER A MESSAGE TO GOVERNOR McCRORY: Call him at (919) 814-2000 or use the copy/paste text under ‘Deliver This Message,’ and the web form you’ll find here(Or go to: http://www.governor.state.nc.us/contact/email-pat). You can also send him a Tweet: .@GrassRootsNC supporters: Will Gov @PatMcCroryNC live up to Conservative credentials & support #HB562, or will he join the anti-gun ‘Gang of Three?’
· LEAVE VOICEMAIL FOR ‘THE GANG OF THREE’: Politely let them know that they and others who “forget who ‘brung ‘em to the dance” by voting to kill or weaken HB 562 could face primaries in 2016.


Contact Gov. McCrory: CALL at (919) 814-2000, email using the form HERE: http://www.governor.state.nc.us/contact/email-pat

Contact 'Gang of Three':



Ted Davis (R-New Hanover)


N. Leo Daughtry (R-Johnston)
Leave a Facebook message HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/N-Leo-Daughtry/113801471963883?fref=ts


John Fraley (R-Iredell)



Contact House Republicans via copy/paste email list:


Dean.Arp@ncleg.net; Marilyn.Avila@ncleg.net; John.Bell@ncleg.net; Dan.Bishop@ncleg.net; Hugh.Blackwell@ncleg.net; John.Blust@ncleg.net; Jamie.Boles@ncleg.net; John.Bradford@ncleg.net; Bill.Brawley@ncleg.net; Mark.Brody@ncleg.net; Rayne.Brown@ncleg.net; Brian.Brown@ncleg.net; Rob.Bryan@ncleg.net; Dana.Bumgardner@ncleg.net; Justin.Burr@ncleg.net; Rick.Catlin@ncleg.net; Jeff.Collins@ncleg.net; Debra.Conrad@ncleg.net; Leo.Daughtry@ncleg.net; Ted.Davis@ncleg.net; Jimmy.Dixon@ncleg.net; Josh.Dobson@ncleg.net; Nelson.Dollar@ncleg.net; Jeffrey.Elmore@ncleg.net; John.Faircloth@ncleg.net; Carl.Ford@ncleg.net; John.Fraley@ncleg.net; Mike.Hager@ncleg.net; Jon.Hardister@ncleg.net; Kelly.Hastings@ncleg.net; Bryan.Holloway@ncleg.net; Craig.Horn@ncleg.net; Julia.Howard@ncleg.net; Pat.Hurley@ncleg.net; Frank.Iler@ncleg.net; Charles.Jeter@ncleg.net; Linda.Johnson2@ncleg.net; Bert.Jones@ncleg.net; Jonathan.Jordan@ncleg.net; Donny.Lambeth@ncleg.net; James.Langdon@ncleg.net; Chris.Malone@ncleg.net; Susan.Martin@ncleg.net; Pat.McElraft@ncleg.net; Allen.McNeill@ncleg.net; Chris.Millis@ncleg.net; Gary.Pendleton@ncleg.net; Michele.Presnell@ncleg.net; Dennis.Riddell@ncleg.net; George.Robinson@ncleg.net; Stephen.Ross@ncleg.net; Jason.Saine@ncleg.net; Mitchell.Setzer@ncleg.net; Phil.Shepard@ncleg.net;  Paul.Stam@ncleg.net; Bob.Steinburg@ncleg.net; Sarah.Stevens@ncleg.net; John.Szoka@ncleg.net; John.Torbett@ncleg.net; Rena.Turner@ncleg.net; Harry.Warren@ncleg.net; Sam.Watford@ncleg.net; Roger.West@ncleg.net; Chris.Whitmire@ncleg.net; Larry.Yarborough@ncleg.net; Lee.Zachary@ncleg.net; Chuck.McGrady@ncleg.net; Paul.Tine@ncleg.net


For House Republicans, suggested Subject: "Support HB562: Don't sell out NC gun owners"

Dear Representative:

I am very disappointed that after working hard to give pro-freedom representatives control of the North Carolina Assembly that some have returned the favor by attacking Second Amendment rights.

Have Republicans forgotten who got them elected?

Particularly disappointing are actions of three republicans; Ted Davis, Leo Daughtry and John Fraley who almost killed HB562, the Second Amendment Affirmation Act. They appear to be listening to the handful of Sheriffs who control the North Carolina Sheriff's Association (NCSA). Do these few politically-active Sheriffs really represent our 100 counties? Note that NCSA representatives dodged when asked if Sheriffs had been polled on the issue.   

This 'Gang of Three' have betrayed their constituents and are now paying a heavy price for their sell-out of the rights of North Carolinians. Do not risk sharing their fate.


For Gov. McCrory, suggested Subject: "Support HB562: Don't sell out NC gun owners"

Dear Governor:

I am terribly disappointed to hear that you oppose HB562. I am writing to insist that you rethink your opposition to this pro-Second Amendment bill, and by doing so, live up to the Conservative credentials you had advertised on the campaign trail.

HB562 would prevent health care providers from unreasonably snooping on their patients, and expand concealed carry so that law-abiding permit holders can better protect their families. Perhaps most importantly, HB562 would put an end to the Jim Crow-era Pistol Purchase Permit system (PPP). The PPP system is a disconcerting heirloom, and it would be quite appropriate for a Republican governor to officially sign away this remnant of an embarrassing era.

If you are determined to work against the law-abiding gun owners of North Carolina by opposing HB562, I cannot imagine voting for you in the future. Conversely, I would be pleased to support a primary opponent, one who pledges to stand for the Bill of Rights, and someone who can be counted on to act on those pledges once in office.

I must insist that you live up to your campaign pledges to stand for gun rights, and support HB562. Failure to do so will certainly have political consequences. I will continue to monitor this issue through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.



Lies Told by Moms Demanding Action


Click here to learn the full details of the deceptions spread by the so-called Moms Demanding Action (or rather Moms Demanding Gun Bans).


Additional Skills Needed for the
GRNC Alert Team:

A person is needed to expand the GRNC alert team.  Good writing skills is a must along with the ability to coordinate with personnel at various levels.  Knowledge of HTML and ability to manipulate HTML style emails on the code level.  Strong understanding of desktop publishing concepts and Microsoft Office tools.  Person should be able to translate legal, political, technical and firearms jargon into layman's terms and make the public care about the issue.  Familiarity of a mass emailing system like Constant Contact is a nice to have.

If interested, please contact GRNC via the following e-mail address: alert@grnc.org 

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