And they don't want to discuss it ...


An alert GRNC member that has been carefully monitoring his municipality has uncovered a plot hatched by Oak Ridge officials to indiscriminately ban lawfully carried handguns in the Town's "Recreational Facilities".


Their ban will illegally include entire parks and walking trails.


Get this: They've arranged the ban as an "ordinance provision" that specifically does not require public input - They want you to shut up and do as you are told!


Do not allow yourself or state law to be ignored!


Let's remind the Mayor and Town Councilors of Oak Ridge who they work for.  Let's make it clear to them that we will not quietly submit to unlawful bans. They may ban in specific playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities, but NOT AN INCH MORE!


Email Oak Ridge and Attend the Town Meeting!

  • Email the Mayor and Town Council Members: Tell them you are watching their actions and will not accept illegal bans outside of specific recreational areas.
  • Attend the Council meeting TOMORROW: THURSDAY, April 5, at 7 pm, in the town hall , 8315 Linville Road, Oak Ridge, NC 27310.
  • City Council: Mayor Ray Combs, Roger Howerton, George McClellan, Spencer Sullivan, Danny Yanusz.



  • Cut and Paste email addresses:,,,,


Oak Ridge Representative:


It has come to my attention that you intend to approve a town ordinance that will prohibit lawfully carried concealed handguns in parks and on walking trails. You should be aware that state law prohibits such bans outside of specific playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities.


Furthermore, your plan to vote on this illegal ordinance with only two days notice, and without opportunity for public comment, is concerning and impacts on your perceived trustworthiness.


I strongly advise you to suspend your planned vote on this ordinance until it can be properly reviewed and commented on by the public.


I also urge you to comply with state law by simply not restricting law-abiding citizens from defending themselves and their families everywhere within your town. In addition to making Oak Ridge safer, this will also avoid the costs associated with identification and posting of specific facilities, that MAY ONLY INCLUDE playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities.


I will be monitoring your actions via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.





A gun-owning and law-abiding voter

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