Stein cronies ‘blink’ on concealed carry proposal 

The other side just “blinked.” Thanks to more than 150 instructors and GRNC supporters attending the public hearing on proposed changes to concealed carry training, the NC Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission (NCCJETSC) voted Friday not to immediately pass the new rules, but instead to continue consideration at a November meeting.

By prohibiting concealed handgun instructors from holding classes with less than 30 days notice (reduced to 7 at the meeting), and requiring rosters of students which could be audited by the state (including those who never even apply for a concealed handgun permit), the proposals would provide obstructions to concealed carry and create what would effectively be a “gun owner registry.”

Your voice heard was heard loud and clear

Commissioners reported receiving thousands of emails and calls opposing the proposed changes. Thanks to that and an over-capacity crowd (staff were refusing entries due to fire regulations), and with dozens of gun rights supporters speaking against the proposals, Attorney General Josh Stein’s cronies have backed away … for now.

In addressing the commission, GRNC president Paul Valone received repeated applause as he informed them that if they finalized the proposed rules, GRNC will gather the necessary objections and pursue a legislative review in the General Assembly to strike them down.

Chairing the meeting was NCDOJ Criminal Bureau Chief and NCCJETSC committee chair Leslie Cooley-Dismukes, who claimed to the crowd that GRNC had signed off on relatively minor changes to the originally proposed rules. In response, Valone informed the commission and meeting attendees that GRNC has not agreed to accept the slightly watered-down rules, and that GRNC participation in an earlier meeting with NCCJETSC representatives and Representative Keith Kidwell had been strictly for observation purposes.

Numerous TV, online and print media reported on GRNC and the event, including extensive coverage onGuns & Gadgetsand the Raleigh News & Observer, as well as WCNCWRAL, and the North State Journal.

Remain vigilant

Although NCCJETSC deferred changes to concealed carry training rules, the battle is far from over; the commission is still debating new rules. Stein’s appointees could wait until you aren’t paying attention to ram through the regulations. Moreover, it remains unclear whether the commission will hold another hearing for public comments. Please monitor upcoming GRNC alerts for changes as information becomes available. 


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