Havelock has both pro- and anti-Second Amendment Commissioners


Most are undecided about whether or not to ban guns everywhere they can...

A vote on an ordinance that will ban guns everywhere possible under HB 650 will be made Monday, November 28.


  • Anti-gun Mayor Jimmy Sanders supports the proposed ban - fortunately he doesn't have a vote.
  • Commissioners Danny Walsh and George Liner appear to support letting HB 650 take effect without bans.
  • Commissioners Bob Priesing, Jim Stuart and Will Lewis seem to favor the ban.



  • According to an emotional Mayor Sanders,

"It seems that people who are expressing their absolute confidence in the government's ability to regulate a program, this program (concealed weapons permitting), are also the people that repeatedly state their dissatisfaction with every other program that the government runs. Government can't get anything right. If the government does it, it's going to be screwed up, but in this case, these folks are saying we know it's going to work because all these folks have been cleared by the government. I just don't understand it."


After 16 years of concealed carry by over 330,000 permittees, without problems, Mayor Sanders' concerns are clearly without foundation.


  • According to City Commissioner Priesing,

"What you're voting on is can I have a gun in my belt when I'm sitting in the bleachers watching my kid play Little League and you make a bad call, or does my gun have to be locked in my car when I'm sitting in the bleachers watching my kid play Little League and you make a bad call".


The fact that blood didn't flow in the streets and lead fly through the air following every disagreement following the passage of "shall issue" concealed carry - as predicted by those of Commissioner Priesing's bent - seems lost on the good Commissioner.



  • Residents of Havelock, plan to attend the Board of Commissioners meeting at 7 pm Monday, November 28 in the City Hall Auditorium.
  • Arrange to speak AGAINST any ordinance banning carry. Contact Cindy Morgan at 444-6406 to learn how.
  • Contact the Mayor, Recreation Director and City Commissioners of Havelock, NC.
  • Cut and paste email list:

dsmith@havelocknc.us; JSanders@HavelockNC.US; WLewis@HavelockNC.US; BPriesing@HavelockNC.us; GLiner@HavelockNC.us; JStuart@HavelockNC.US; DWalsh@HavelockNC.US

Deliver This Message


City of Havelock Representatives,


It has come to my attention that you will soon vote on a proposed ordinance to ban handgun permittees from carrying within extensive areas under city control in response to recent ratification of HB 650, "Castle Doctrine and Concealed Carry Permitted in Parks".


This important and freedom-promoting new law was intended to create statewide uniformity in the regulation of legal carry. Banning carry even where legally permissible is ill-advised as it will impede this uniformity in addition to depriving law-abiding citizens of the right to bear arms.


Criminals by definition will not be limited by this ordinance, only the law-abiding. This will establish "gun-free" zones that are the most dangerous places in our state. Just last week Leroy Staton was brutally murdered in a Greenville city park. Violent criminals are attracted to areas that they know are populated with unarmed potential victims. Where do mass-murders occur? Schools like Columbine and Virginia Tech where scores of defenseless people become easy targets for murderers.


Arguments that every disagreement will lead to a shootout on a ball field are similar to arguments made 16 years ago when our state passed "shall issue" concealed carry. The claims that fender-benders would lead to "blood in the street", and that the state would become subject to an endless series of "wild-west" shoot-outs simply did not happen. Restricting the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans because of unfounded fear of what has never happened is not responsible government.


In the last 16 years over 330,000 permits have been issued. Every indication from police and sheriff departments is that there have been no problems locally (check with Chief Wayne Cyrus and Sheriff Jerry Monette) and across the state. Everywhere "shall issue" laws have been passed, crime has gone down.


I strongly urge you to not limit freedom. It will not solve problems and may very well cause them - and then Havelock will be responsible for the outcome.


I will be following progress through Grass Roots North Carolina.




A concerned NC voter

A Havelock Coordinator is needed for the November 22nd meeting


  • Havelock GRNC members are encouraged to volunteer to coordinate activities at the Commissioners meeting to be held 7 pm in the City Hall Auditorium.
  • Please contact alert@grnc.org for more information.


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