Fast & Furiously Criminal

Smuggled weapons; drug cartels; murdered American border patrol agents; cover-ups; perjury... these are the issues in question with the so-called Operation Fast and Furious.


Partisan politics aside, any public official should be -- at a minimum - fired for the things that Attorney General Eric Holder allowed under his watch.


You've, no doubt, read about the scandal engulfing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (BATFE) and the calls for Congress to investigate and get to the bottom of the ATF's gun-smuggling scheme, "Fast & Furious."


But just this week it was revealed that President Obama's handpicked Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed on "Fast & Furious" as early as the Summer of 2010, even though he swore under oath before Congress that he found out about the scandal only a few weeks ago.


Under this program the BATFE using taxpayer funds to walk firearms across the border into the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists.


Many gun activists believe that this scheme was concocted as a public relations blitz by the Obama Administration to advance their anti-gun agenda with the UN "Small Arms Treaty," a renewed so-called "Assault Weapons" ban and a host of dangerous gun controls.


Those who would never let a good crisis go to waste seemingly are now attempting to manufacture crises of their own. But now, because of a sustained campaign of grassroots pressure on Congress, Eric Holder and even the BATFE might be on the ropes. Eric Holder must be called to account for his deeds and only YOU can make this happen.

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In view of the recent revelations that Attorney General Eric Holder KNEW about Operation Fast and Furious, there is no other conclusion than that he should be fired as Attorney General of the United States of America. These actions on the part of AG Holder and the BATFE are not only unbelievably irresponsible, but make the leap to criminality. Our country cannot afford to have the chief law enforcement officer not accountable for such acts.


I urge you to use all power at your disposal to send the President the message to fire Eric Holder. I will be following the progress of this situation and your actions or lack of through the alerts of Grass Roots North Carolina.



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