Havelock & Parks Carry

Yet another entrant into the race to deprive you of your right to self protection. Now entering the contest we have Havelock. The power hungry in concert with the naive and deluded are trying to find a way around obeying the new law allowing concealed carry permit holders the luxury of self protection within the confines of local parks.


Recently news reports are filled with breathless quotes from the hysterical such as: "...there is always the possibility that a person would lose their cool and pop out a gun and start shooting." and "...tempers flare over something that's small and somebody gets overly excited and all of a sudden the next thing you know weapons are there."


Sound familiar? These are the same things that were said 16 years ago when concealed carry was first passed. Supposedly every fender bender was going to result in a gun fight. Every minor argument would escalate and end in bloodshed and heartbreak. A funny thing happened on the way to disaster... nothing. Despite all this wild eyed speculation, the only outcome from the concealed carry law was a reduction in violent crime; with the possible exception of those places designated as "gun free zones."



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Dear Commissioners:


I urge you to respect the new law allowing law abiding citizens the right to self protection within parks. Concealed carry holders have repeatedly proven to be sane, sober and law abiding over the last 16 years that North Carolina's CCW ordinance has been in force. Any concerns you have in regards to concealed carry in parks are totally unfounded. Not only have the "wild west" scenarios laid out by those unwisely opposing the concealed carry law not materialized, but in fact everywhere this has been tried, crime has gone down. It is time to allow the right of self protection in parks as well.

Any move to limit my rights will factor into any spending decisions I may make in regards to your town. There will also be a toll to pay at the polls in the subsequent elections.


Respect my right to self protection in what are often dangerous locations. I will be monitoring your actions via Grass Roots North Carolina legislative alerts.



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