RINO William T. Schatzman has taken it upon himself to unlawfully collect employment information as part of concealed handgun permit applications processed in Forsyth Co.





And we have patiently and politely asked him to stop breaking State Law multiple times and in multiple ways.  Our advice has fallen upon deaf, and apparently arrogant ears.  Now the gloves come off...


  • N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.14 is perfectly clear about what information is allowed to be collected in concealed handgun permit applications.

  • Sheriff Schatzman (GRNC 0-star) has been unlawfully requiring applicants to provide employment information.

  • The fact that such unauthorized collection of information violates State law had been made clear to the Sheriff more than once.

  • The Sheriff has arrogantly chosen to ignore our requests to stop, and continues breaking State Law.


He may believe that Sheriffs can ignore and/or make new laws while enforcing those on the books.  Schatzman needs to learn that EVERYONE in our State obeys the laws of North Carolina - or pays the price!


  • Let's remind this elected Public Servant who he serves.

  • Remind him yet again that he has been willfully breaking State law.

  • Let's point-out that in-order to prevent similar rogue behavior in Florida the legislature passed a PERSONAL $5000 fine for similar preemption of firearms laws - we can do the same.

  • And finally, that should he continue unlawful data collection our next step will be a boycott of Forsyth County businesses - by gunowners statewide.



Contact Schatzman via phone and email!

  • Contact Forsyth Co Sheriff Schatzman via email and phone.

  • Try to call BETWEEN 9 and 10 am tomorrow (Friday, September 23) at (336) 917-7001, (336) 399-1442 and (336) 727-8070. If these times aren't convenient for you, CALL WHEN YOU CAN!

  • Tell him to stop illegal collection of employment information as part of CHP applications.

  • Email the Sheriff at schatzwt@fcso.us.

  • Deliver the following message:


Sheriff Schatzman,


It has come to my attention that you have been willfully and unlawfully collecting employment information as part of concealed handgun permit applications in Forsyth County, NC.


As an elected Public Servant you have the same obligation to follow State law as do other citizens of North Carolina.  Just because you were elected to enforce the law does not mean that you have somehow risen above it.


I strongly urge you to stop your unlawful data collection.  As you may know, the State of Florida has enacted a PERSONAL $5000 fine for government officials who unlawfully preempt state firearms laws.  Working with Grass Roots North Carolina I will happily advocate for similar legislation in our General Assembly if you choose to make this necessary.


If you do not immediately cease and desist your unlawful data collection, GRNC's next step will be to implement a boycott of Forsyth Co. businesses by gun owners statewide.


I sincerely hope that you will not make this necessary, as it will be unpleasant to be forced to punish business owners by a rogue Sheriff that they may not have even voted for.


I will be following progress, and will work with Grass Roots North Carolina to initiate the steps outlined above if you make it necessary to do so.


Please don't.




A concerned NC voter


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