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GRNC's many accomplishments

Pro-gun legislation GRNC introduced and passed:

  • GRNC was central to drafting and passing North Carolina’s concealed handgun law;
  • GRNC passed a clean concealed handgun reciprocity law which has captured 37 states (see below);
  • GRNC passed legislation enabling concealed handgun permit-holders to avoid redundant background checks when purchasing handguns, thereby circumventing sheriffs who restrict such permits;
  • Made emergency concealed handgun permits available to domestic violence victims;
  • GRNC recently passed omnibus gun bill HB 650, which includes:
    • Castle Doctrine, enabling you to better defend your family against violent predators;
    • Concealed carry in state and municipal parks;
    • Concealed carry in financial institutions;
    • Harmonizing state laws on Title II firearms, as regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934; and
    • Improvements in North Carolina’s concealed handgun permit application process.

Anti-gun legislation GRNC has defeated:

  • Numerous bills designed to shut down gun shows and register private gun sales with the FBI;
  • Mandatory gun storage bills which would have made criminals of responsible gun owners;
  • Legislation to ban carrying guns for self-protection in public parks, playgrounds,  and child care centers;
  • Attempts to post highway rest stops against concealed carry;
  • Legislation to criminalize lawful gun owners whose guns are stolen and unreported, even if the gun owner was unaware of the theft…

NC CHP Reciprocity


…and much, much more.

At both state and federal levels ...
GRNC will continue to fight for the Second Amendment and your constitutional freedoms


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