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Greg Gutfeld mentions John Lott’s work in discussing Bloomberg’s false 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook claim

High Risk Restaurants

Sean Sorrentino takes a close look at New Jersey's claim that most firearms used in NJ crimes are imported from other states.  Check out his blog entry here for more information.

"New Jersey has outrageously strict gun control laws. Since they’ve done so much to make it as difficult as possible to purchase guns legally, they naturally wonder where their “crime guns” are coming from."


Durham Gun Registry Shot Down!

Last week’s legislative victory (North Carolina Senate Bill 226, “Repeal 1935 Durham Co. Firearm Act.”) was a win for all North Carolinians. A terrible vestige of Jim Crow-era laws and an affront to law-abiding North Carolinians, this law’s time to go had long since passed. Thanks to the hard work of Grass Roots North Carolina volunteers and its engaged members, the state legislature did the right thing.



"They were met by protesters from Grass Roots North Carolina, a gun-rights group that makes the National Rifle Association look meek by comparison. . ."



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