Sara tells us how to destroy family holidays

F. Paul Valone

November 25, 2022

Even among the self-congratulating insularity of newspaper editorial departments, one op-ed stands out for its utter hubris: “How to talk to your family about right-wing extremism,” by Sara Pequeño, rising star of the Raleigh News & Observer editorial board.  Archived version HERE.


At holiday get-togethers, Sara wants you to “confront” family members about their “right wing extremism.” You know the bigots we’re talking about: family members who insist there are only two genders; who (God forbid) actually like Tucker Carlson; who believe men dressed as women shouldn’t be reading pornography to children; who still harbor the quaint notion that Article I Section 8 of the Constitution empowers the federal government to defend our borders – you know, all of those “isms” that Sara and so many of her generation find offensive.

And what qualifies Sara to destroy family holidays? “I write about politics for a living,” she declares (although, admittedly, that seems like an exaggerated claim for a News & Observer writer).

So here is the response I wrote to Sara and The McClatchy Company, which owns three of the largest propaganda organs in North Carolina…



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