WBT's Keith Larson Speaks with GRNC President Paul Valone on Restaurant Homicide

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Parks Carry in Kernersville is discussed in this article by Wendy Freeman Davis.  The Kernersville News does not endorse any particular party's view or opinion on the matter.

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In a December 6 interview with Bill LuMaye on WPTF radio, GRNC president Paul Valone demonstrated that since North Carolina adopted concealed carry in 1995, violent crime has plummeted. He also noted that state and municipal parks have not enjoyed the same drop in violence because, until passage of HB 650, they were ostensibly "gun-free" zones. When contacted for the interview, Valone immediately offered to debate NC Policy Watch "progressive" director Chris Fitzsimon whose recent articles have attacked parks carry. According to LuMaye, Fitzsimon refused to debate. What's he afraid of?

Here is an interview on the 10th anniversary of the concealed handgun law that I did for NPR's statewide show "The State of Things." In it, I debated Lisa Price, wife of Congressman David Price, who was at that time the head of North Carolinians "Against Gun Violence."

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