Gun rights supporters: we need YOU to step up and bring pro-gun candidates across this primary's finish line . . .

GRNC is an all-volunteer organization, and as such, we are asking you to contribute this election season. You likely agree that it is critical that victories be secured for pro-gun candidates, candidates who will work to secure your rights, but face opponents who will not.

Below, see how you can help without spending a dime of your own money. Be sure to throw your hat in the ring right now, as time is running short. The primary election is less than two weeks away, and early voting starts tomorrow!

Using a huge database of gun-owning voters, the GRNC Political Victory Fund elects pro-gun candidates and defeats anti-gun candidates by sending postcard election alerts into selected races. For that, we need you. The system is simple. The only things required are minimal computer skills and a couple of hours. GRNC-PVF reimburses all expenses.

How it works:

  • We e-mail you Word templates for postcards and labels;
  • You get Avery standard labels, and take postcards to office supply store for printing, saving all receipts;
  • You apply labels and postage to postcards, and mail, and finally;
  • GRNC-PVF reimburses your expenses.

Contact Information:

Send an email to and use the subject "GRNC-PVF ALERTS". Please make sure to include your name, full mailing address and both daytime and evening phone numbers. We will then call you to arrange details.


Click here to see an explanation of GRNC candidate evaluations, and the evaluations themselves
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Recent redistricting litigation notwithstanding, there is still a primary election on March 15.

Only the U.S. House of Representatives is affected by the litigation. Other, unaffected races will still be on your ballot, including president, U.S. Senate, governor, attorney general and commissioner of agriculture.

It remains important to vote all races on your March 15 ballot. Even U.S. House of Representatives, as though there were no litigation, in case the old districts are used after all. (If new districts are used, there will another primary election, and you will be able to vote again).


CLICK HERE for details and to buy tickets.

Win a Kimber Custom II, a Glock 43, training, and more! 

Only 3,000 tickets will be sold!

*Drawing date: April 3, 2016.

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