Fellow Defenders of Freedom:

Beyond being what “The Christian Science Monitor” recently described as “a potent lobbying force in the state” for gun rights, Grass Roots North Carolina is, first and foremost, a civil rights organization.

GRNC’s name says it all: We are a grass roots group of individuals from all walks of life who share common concerns about erosion of our constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and recommend a movie I just saw. I want you to not only see it, but to take friends and relatives, and to promote it to everyone you know.

The movie isn’t directly related to gun rights. The upcoming election is about more than just gun rights. But I assure you that the man it describes – and the people he surrounds himself with – are as antithetical to private ownership of firearms as could possibly be imagined.

The movie is “2016: Obama’s America” and it is showing across the country as we speak. Written and narrated by Dinesh D’Souza, who was born in India and raised under circumstances similar to Barack Obama, it traces the factors influencing Obama’s world view from Hawaii, to Indonesia, to Kenya and back to the US.

D’Souza embraces no conspiracy theories, instead focusing on how Obama’s radical mother and idealized but absent Kenyan father shaped him into, first and foremost, an anti-colonialist who sees western culture as the progenitor of the world’s problems rather than the solution.

In rich and riveting cinemagraphic detail, “2016” describes Obama’s early mentors, including card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party USA number 47544), making a convincing case that, whether expressed or not, Obama’s dream is not the American dream.

Finally, the film interviews experts on what a second Obama term – unburdened by the need to seek reelection – will mean for U.S. foreign and domestic policy … and the many ramifications.

Predictably, “The Washington Post” dismisses the movie as “bashing” and “fear-mongering.” Equally predictably, the Post is unable to refute a single fact in D’Souza’s expose.

Battleground North Carolina

I tell you this because, as you know, our state is on the front of a battle between competing ideologies – competing visions – the victor of which will chart the course of our country for decades, perhaps even centuries.

If Obama wins North Carolina’s electoral votes, he will likely win the election. If he wins the election, frankly, gun rights might be the least of our worries.

GRNC Political Victory Fund — projecting your vision

You hear all sorts of fund-raising hype, but this is what we created the GRNC Political Victory Fund to do: To project YOUR world view – a vision of individual liberty and responsibility – by ensuring your values prevail in the political arena.

The GRNC Political Victory Fund is GRNC’s weapon in the battle for the Second Amendment, and for its accompanying values of freedom and personal responsibility. Election laws prevent us from using organizational money to influence elections, meaning GRNC-PVF must raise money separately.

I’m sorry that means I have to come to you, hat in hand, asking for money even though you might have just joined or renewed your GRNC membership. But I repeat: By law, membership funds cannot be used to defeat anti-gun, anti-freedom candidates.

What does GRNC-PVF do? Rather than throwing money at politicians, it makes “independent expenditures” – via radio spots, mailings, phone calls – in favor of truly pro-freedom candidates, people who will be leaders for your rights.

ut coming out of primary elections with a record number of open seats, contested races and run-offs, GRNC-PVF is dangerously low on funds going into November.

ake no mistake; GRNC-PVF operates more efficiently than any other political action committee. We substitute the sweat of volunteers for money – volunteers who build voter lists, pump out mailings, work polls and cut radio spots. But GRNC-PVF still needs money for printing, postage, radio time and more.

GRNC is mobilizing an army of 260,000 gun voters

Using sophisticated techniques, GRNC has built the capability to reach 260,000 gun-owning voters. But right now, we lack the money to mail them crucial election alerts. Will you please help?

In battleground NC, help GRNC mobilize 260,000 gun voters by donating to GRNC-PVF at:


So that’s it: I am back with the unpleasant but vital task of asking you to help ensure the victory of OUR Founding Father’s vision of America, not Barack Obama’s. In return, I promise you that GRNC-PVF will make more efficient, effective use of your money than any other organization.

Armatissimi e liberissimi,

F. Paul Valone

F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

This message was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund.