April 9 match will raise money

to elect pro-gun candidates around NC!


Elect Pro-Gun Candidates in 2022 Elections!


Meet pro-gun candidates:

  • Congressman Ted Budd, gun shop owner and pro-gun candidate for U.S. Senate
  • Judge Richard Dietz, strong constitutionalist for the NC Supreme Court
  • Other pro-Second Amendment candidates

Help GRNC raise money to elect pro-gun candidates around the state

Win Prizes!

Rub elbows with the GRNC volunteers who have been kicking tail for decades!

Frequently Asked Questions about the event are below

Details & signup at www.GRNC.org 

  • Date/time:    April 9, 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Sign-in: 10:30 AM -- 11:00 AM
  • BBQ: 11:30 AM -- 1:00 PM
  • Awards/meet & greet w/ VIPs: 12:00 PM -- 1:00 PM
  • Steel plate match: 11:00 AM -- 2:30 PM
  • Location: Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex, 990 Burnsville Church Rd, Polkton, NC 28135
  • Cost: $95 for 1st person, $75 for 2nd & subsequent, $55 for under age 18, incl. match fee & BBQ


FAQs about the “Ring Steel for Freedom” event


All shooters are required to sign a Hyatt Farms liability waiver. If possible, please save check-in time on Saturday morning by going to the following link to sign it ahead of time:  Waiver


EVERYBODY can enter and shoot, but here seems to be some confusion about who can shoot the event and what skills and equipment are required, so here are some commonly asked questions with answers. The bottom line is, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!


Why didn’t GRNC run a full Steel Challenge match?
Please understand that the objective of the match is to raise money for the GRNC Political Victory Fund, our federally registered political action committee, in order to elect pro-2A candidates around the state in this critical election year, as well as allowing you to meet candidates to assess for yourself who will best defend your rights.

In the interest of being as inclusive as possible, and in bringing out gun rights supporters who are not necessarily serious competitors, we set up a “fun match” that gives some of the thrill of ringing steel without the stress of hard core competition.

Range safety:
No handling of firearms except on firing line and approved by Range Officer. Carry guns must remain holstered at all times except when on firing line and approved by Range Officer to un-holster. All other firearms must remain unloaded until on firing line and Range Officer approves loading. Hearing and eye protection must be worn at all times when on the range. If you don’t have hearing and eye protection, they are available from Hyatt Farms at check-in.

Match check-in:
We have lots to do, so if you are shooting the match, please try to check in at 10:30 AM in the main building.

Do I need to be an experienced firearm competitor?
Absolutely not. This is a fun shoot for which we ask only that each shooter be safe with his or her firearm. In the interest of safety, it will be run as a “cold range,” meaning firearms used for competition must be unloaded until the competitor is on the firing line and has been given the command to load by the range officer.

What type of firearm do I need?
Any centerfire handgun, rimfire handgun, or rimfire rifle, using either iron sights or optics. We will mirror Steel Challenge divisions with the exception that we will not have a pistol caliber carbine division.

How much ammo do I need?
Obviously, the more accurate you are, the fewer rounds you will need. The minimum (assuming no misses) is 15 rounds per stage (three runs of five rounds each). A reasonable minimum to have on hand might be 100 rounds.

What if I don’t have an appropriate firearm or ammunition?
No problem. Hyatt Guns will have both firearms and ammunition available at reasonable prices.

Will I have to move between shooting positions?
No. Per Steel Challenge rules, each stage will have only one shooting position. We fully understand that we are appealing to all age levels, including some for whom “running and gunning” might not be possible.

Do I need to draw from a holster?
No. In the interest of keeping this as inclusive as possible, each stage will begin from a low ready position, meaning no draw from a holster will be required.

What do the stages look like?
For each stage, 5 steel plates between 8” and 12” or rectangular plates 18”x24” in size will be set up between 7 yds. and 18 yds. Your objective is merely to shoot the five plates, ending with the stop plate, as quickly as your skill will permit. We will shoot three Steel Challenge “classifier” stages: Five to Go, Smoke and Hope, and Pendulum. You will have three runs on each stage, with your best time as your score.

We will have a variety of prizes for different divisions, PLUS any shooter who beats the time of GRNC president Paul Valone gets: (1) A GRNC challenge coin; and (2) Entered into a drawing for up to $400 of either 9mm or .223 ammunition!

Can I attend just the BBQ and not shoot?
Sure. Just select the $55 “under 18 and shooting/older but not shooting” option.

Isn’t there a competing USPSA event that weekend?
We offer apologies that coordinating schedules between the range owner, attending politicians and GRNC personnel limited the number of available weekends, not to mention the fact that the primary election date has changed repeatedly due to leftist lawsuits invalidating political districts drawn by the Republican-led General Assembly. We hope you will try to work with us. In particular, if you are scheduled to shoot the USPSA section match on either Friday or Sunday of that weekend, PLEASE JOIN US ON SATURDAY

Paid for by Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee