Why would a pro-liberty group falsely imply that Dan Forest is anything but solid supporter of the 2nd amendment?

Pro-liberty patriots,

It’s time to talk.

These days, most people get their news from the headlines. This means that it doesn’t matter what’s in the story because the point was already made.  They just bury the supposed reason for the falsehood way down in the piece that no one actually reads.

This is why a recent e-mail from NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights) was particularly galling.  The subject line was: "Is Dan Forest hiding anti-gun views?" 

They said this because they wanted their primary candidate to get a leg up over Dan Forest, using a minor issue to imply something he’s not.  As is usual, they “Buried the Lede” way down in the e-mail, emphasizing their preferred candidate. 

Setting the record straight

Despite the lies by implication, Dan Forest has shown himself to be a solid supporter of our rights.  Going above and beyond for gun voters, including his unbidden attendance of a GRNC rally while he was Lt. Governor. With a 100% survey submitted each election year, Dan Forest has earned GRNC’s highest 4-star evaluation (****). GRNC-PVF recommends DAN FOREST for Governor.

To be fair, his opponent earned a solid rating as well. But as the saying goes, you are known by your friends, and an unsavory e-mail should be sufficient to inform you of your voting preference.






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