A Republican candidate is lying about his anti-gun history and he must be defeated…

Former NC Representative Sam Watford (R-Davidson), GRNC 0-star candidate, is attempting to reclaim the District 80 seat he left in 2018. Watford is anti-gun, is now lying about his past gun-rights proclivities, and so Sam Watford must be defeated in the upcoming Primary Election.


Sam Thinks You’re the ‘Gun Lobby’
Adjacent, you’ll find a screen shot of a recent Facebook post, where Watford claims that the so-called “gun lobby” is lying about his Second Amendment record. This is surely an oblique reference to GRINC and its membership. Apparently, GRNC and you are the “gun lobby.” Note that GRNC is a citizen-run, all-volunteer organization. Like GRNC’s supporters, our volunteers have day jobs (if not retired), and no one gets paid! GRNC is NOT a lobbying group. We are citizens redressing our government. Nice try, Sam!

Anti-gun Notes on Watford

Unfortunately for him, there is more to a Second-Amendment attitude than just one vote (a vote with a true anti-gun purpose that Watford obfuscates above). Despite what Watford says in the Facebook post:

    • Watford claims that he voted against permitless concealed carry (H746) because of the ‘eighteen-year-old’ provision. However, Watford voted twice against this bill with full knowledge that we were willing to lose the eighteen-year-old provision to pass the bill. Also, Watford proposed no amendments to this bill. Had he, they likely would have been added and the bill would have been satisfactory to him. It looks like he do not want a bill that would be satisfactory—he wanted an excuse to vote no. (The bill, which passed the House, never received a vote in the Senate);


    • Watford was openly hostile to gun rights supporters visiting his office; and


  • He was heard to say, by others, that if the Second Amendment was up for a vote, he wouldn’t vote for it.


It Gets Worse
Watford, who was primaried and defeated in 2018, looks to be in the pocket of puppet master, former senator and RINO, Stan Bingham. Bingham and his minions are busily spreading the sentiment that voting against H476 was “the right thing to do.” They are also boasting that gun voters can’t hurt him. Voting against gun owners is never the right thing to do. Also, suggesting that gun voters “can’t hurt him” sure does suggest a less-than-friendly relationship with gun rights issues. 


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Roger Younts: the Pro-Gun Alternative
Roger Younts is also running in the Republican primary for NC House District 80. Younts has also previously served in this seat, but unlike Watford, Younts is a solid pro Second Amendment candidate. It will be close! Watford previously beat Younts in a primary for the same seat. Make no mistake, voting in this year’s Primary Election is critical if gun owners are to have true advocates in Raleigh.






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