Tuesday was a great day for gun rights. GRNC-PVF's candidate in both of today's Special Elections was victorious...

A big thank you to the freedom-loving voters who went to the polls on Tuesday or voted early. Both Greg Murphy (USH-3) and Dan Bishop in the hotly contested 9th District, have won their respective congressional races! This means voters are sending two pro-gun Americans to Congress, and they've kept two anti-gun politicians from strengthening the ranks of the anti-Second Amendment crowd in the US House.



Now the Real Fight Begins
These two election victories are great news, but let's not kid ourselves, As we send two newly elected pro-gun legislators to DC, Nancy Pelosi and the other usual suspects are gearing up to fight even harder. They'll continue to fight for gun bans, red flag (gun confiscation) laws, "universal" background checks (read: national gun registry), etc.

There can be no question that GRNC-PVF, along with gun rights voters like you, helped immensely in securing these victories, but the effort to make sure everyone got to the polls sapped a lot of resources from GRNC's Political Victory Fund. GRNC-PVF sent thousands of mailers, delivered as many robocalls, painted social media with ads, and sent several email alerts to tens-of-thousands in order to secure these wins. Of course, none of this was free, and after all of these expenditures, the real battle is about to begin. 

Please Contribute
As promised, GRNC-PVF's volunteers have put your donations to their most effective use, and this has clearly borne fruit. Yet, all of these expenditures have left us well short of what will be needed to keep fighting. Won't you please contribute to GRNC-PVF, help us replenish so we can continue to fight these battles on behalf of North Carolina's gun ownersCLICK HERE to contribute. Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated. With all that goes on in Washington these days, a donation is really just an investment in the future of gun rights---your future.

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 And the good news just keeps on coming...

GRNC was highlighted in an excellent article today in "Sputnick International" news. To read the article, featuring quotes from GRNC' s President, Paul Valone, click here. Below, you'll find a couple of Paul's quotes from the article.



"Like a Third World Banana Republic, the [San Francisco] Board of Supervisors attempts to make political differences into criminal offenses, in violation of both the language and intent of the United States Constitution."    
    "If the NRA as an organization is designated as a “domestic terrorism” organization so, by association, are its 5 million members."



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