Vernon Robinson is the founder of 'Black Americans to Re-elect the President,' and in order to raise funds, Vernon is throwing a 'Black Guns Matter Machine Gun Social.' 

The event will be held during the North Carolina GOP State Convention, June 7th, at 6:00 pm, in Concord, NC. Eagle Guns is hosting the event and is only ten minutes from the convention. 

At the event, you will be invited to shoot several submachine guns (magazines of 30 rounds) for just $50, including a Finnish KP-44, the iconic German MP-40, a fully automatic AR-15,  a WWII Beretta 38/42 and the old reliable Thompson submachine gun. For $75 you can shoot a Browning Automatic Rifle (18 rds). There will even be an AR-15 door prize for one lucky shooter!

Can't make the event but you'd still like to pitch in? No problem... You can send a college Republican to the range on scholarship for only $50 or $75.



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