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GRNC_0001: GRNC Gala for Gun Rights drew famous figures and a satisfied crowd. Graphic: Rick Melvin

GRNC_0002: GRNC’s annual legislative tactics seminar.

GRNC_0043: Remington 700 CDL SF donated by Remington Arms, held in a bad reprise of Charlton Heston’s “from my cold, dead hands.”

GRNC_0044: Popular WBT-radio talk host Tara Servatius acts as emcee for GRNC Gala for Gun Rights.

GRNC_0048: Senator Richard Burr briefs attendees on Washington sellouts at GRNC Gala for Gun Rights.

GRNC_0057: Alan Gura, GRNC Gala for Gun Rights keynote speaker and winner of both McDonald v. Chicago case which will subject state gun laws to Second Amendment scrutiny and previous D.C. v. Heller case in which Supreme Court affirmed individual right to arms.

GRNC_0071: Second Amendment Foundation president Joe Tartaro briefs attendees on SAF efforts to combat international gun control.

GRNC_0080: John R. Lott, researcher and widely cited author of More Guns, Less Crime, makes impromptu appearance at GRNC Gala for Gun Rights and is quickly shunted to the podium.