GRNC 'Million' Mom Countermarch faces off against anti-gun leftists in Raleigh.


I found it quite interesting watching the news Saturday night, the first was WB 22. They called it "Dueling Protests for and against Gun Control - A Showdown at the Capitol." Their report was "almost fair" until they covered the motorcycles. Their slant on it was that there were "94 motorcycles, one for each slain child in NC". If you were there, you know how ridiculous that was.

The next I caught was Fox 50, all I saw was Margret Ann Tyner of "GRASSROOTS NC", who addressed the questions very well.

Then Channel 5 - WRAL was very slanted toward the MMMs.
We got mentioned "On the other side of the gun debate was a group accusing the Moms of exaggerating the statistics of gun violence.

The only media to get the motorcycle story correct  was Channel 17 NBC - The motorcyclists were shown "between" the MMMs and GRNC cheering GRNC. It was explained that they had a Parade Permit for that day, and could ride without helmets. Which many of them did, while cheering on GRNC marchers!! Thank you Channel 17 - for getting the story straight!!