The GRNC dinner was held on Saturday October 13th 2001 at C. W. Kidd's Rocking K Ranch in Charlotte, NC. Over 60 people attended the dinner which was held later in the evening after the Charlotte Gun Show. Guest speakers were Neal Knox, Dr. Jim Parker,  Mary Carpenter and two granddaughters.  GRNC President Paul Valone, and Dir. of Volunteer Services Terry Fields rounded out the presentations.

Neal Knox is a former NRA Board member and is a staunch defender of Second Amendment rights.  Dr. Jim Parker is running for Jesse Helm's US Senate seat.  Mary Carpenter is the paternal grandmother of the two children who were brutally murdered inside their rural Merced California home on August 23, 2000 by a stranger with a pitchfork.  Traveling with Mrs. Carpenter for the GRNC dinner are her two granddaughters that survived the attack.  GRNC is very pleased to have such distinguished guests as these.

Speeches by the invited guests were preceded by a barbeque dinner in the unique ranch style setting of the Rocking K Ranch facilities.  

Video tapes were made of the speakers.  Contact GRNC at 919-664-8565 if you wish to arrange for a video copy.