GRNC Responds to WRAL Publication of Handgun Permit Information


The WRAL article seems harmless at first. “Rural areas lead in concealed weapons permit rates,” says the title. Indeed, the article itself is fairly neutral. But the bombshell lies within. Under a section entitled “Find concealed carry permit holders in your area,” the station thoughtfully provides a database of concealed handgun permit-holders, searchable by address.

Although the search engine doesn’t provide the names or street numbers of permit-holders (at least not yet), the fact that many small streets contain only a few homes subjects gun owners to burglary and other criminal predation. So far, the station’s official dodge is that the information is public record. What they don’t say is that the information is otherwise only available by a request in writing from the State Bureau of Investigation, not as a “criminal-friendly,” address-searchable web link. 

Below is GRNC president Paul Valone’s message to the WRAL staffer tasked with responding to input. What happens next is up to them. Feel free to add your input by contacting: Kelly Hinchcliffe, Investigates/Special Projects Producer,,, 919-821-8549.

To:          Kelly Hinchcliffe, Investigates/Special Projects Producer, WRAL-TV

From:    F. Paul Valone, President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Re:          “Find concealed handgun permit-holders in your area” (July 12)

Mr. Hinchcliffe:

As our members have noted, WRAL-TV has engaged in the most irresponsible sort of journalism, potentially exposing concealed handgun permit-holders to criminal predation. Whether the information is available as public record (where it is only available if requested from the State Bureau of Investigation) is irrelevant. Even absent specific names, you have created a database searchable by location, including small streets on which it should be relatively easy to determine which homes contain firearms. We have now received dozens of complaints from gun-owning North Carolinians.

As you may be aware, Grass Roots North Carolina was the principal architect of our state’s concealed handgun law and improvements made since its inception in 1995. We have a longstanding policy of addressing this type of journalistic irresponsibility by using economic action. Accordingly, I strong advise WRAL to: (1) Remove the search link from its site immediately; and (2) Issue a public apology to North Carolina concealed handgun permit-holders.

If the information is not removed by the open of business on Friday (July 13, 2012), Grass Roots North Carolina will use its email alert network of nearly 60,000 gun owners to target selected WRAL advertisers with a message that gun owners will not buy from them until they terminate their advertising relationship with your station. We will then rotate from one advertiser to the next until the information is removed. I would suggest you contact your superiors and address the problem immediately.

F. Paul Valone

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

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UN Meets To Suspend Your Gun Rights

United Nations Delegates meet to finalize plans to trample US Constitution.

This week brings to fruition a plan by nations around the world to curtail individual rights to own and bear arms. Under the flag of the United Nations, meetings are being held this week to implement sweeping international laws designed not only to stop illegal weapons sales, but also to severely restrict your rights as an American to own guns through international law, thereby bypassing the rights guaranteed you under the US Constitution. It will accomplish this in various ways, including heavy registration of all small arms including your rifles and handguns, serial numbers in individual bullets, and the prevention of international weapons sales of small arms. 

All According To Plan

The Obama Administration has worked hard behind the scenes and “under the radar” to help pass this UN Treaty. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been heavily involved with it, and there is little doubt that the Obama Administration will sign the treaty when finalized, and will push hard to have it ratified by the US Senate. This Administration has in no way hid its intention to restrict your rights as gun owners, but they have taken a different path to do it. Instead of introducing new anti-gun laws into the US Congress, they are hoping that sweeping international laws put forth by the United Nations will do their dirty work for them! 

What Can I do? 

It’s not too late to have your voices heard and prevent this subversion of your Constitutional rights. Already there is movement in the US Congress to help stop any form of adoption of the UN Resolution and to prevent it from binding our citizens under it’s yoke. A bill (Senate Bill 2205 ) is now making its way through the United States Senate that is designed to prevent funding of any adoption of the treaty and asserting US sovereignty over such treaties. You can contact your US Senator and US Representative via the links below and deliver a message to them to voice your displeasure concerning this treaty. Our Representatives must know that we will not stand by idle and watch our rights as Americans slip away through adoption of this treaty.

Immediate Action Required

Contact North Carolina’s US Senators and your US Representative and ask them to prevent the implementation of this treaty!

Deliver This Message

Suggested Subject: Stop The UN From Stamping Out Our Rights!

Dear Senators/ Representatives: 

I am deeply concerned as delegates from around the world meet on our shores to finalize a treaty which will severely restrict my rights as an American and a gun owner. This UN treaty will not only create a massive registration requirement for all gun owners, but will also make it virtually impossible for American citizens to enjoy their freedoms which are protected under the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. 

The Obama Administration has promised to work “under the radar” to pass gun control measures and this UN Treaty fits into this plan by claiming to be complying with international restrictions of gun rights. Gun owners around the country will not stand by idly as these anti-Second Amendment plans are implemented. 

As you may know, a Bill has been introduced in the US Senate to prevent the funding of any US laws related to the passage of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. I strongly urge you to support the passage of S.2205 and to boldly protect our rights as United States Citizens. 

As we get closer to the next election cycle, my vote will only go to those US Senators and Representatives who show that they will not buckle under international pressure and will stand true as Americans to prevent any foreign interference on our way of life. 

I await your response and will be monitoring this issue through Grass Roots North Carolina alerts.


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Take down the CHP database @WRAL and @Binker. #GRNC members will not stand for the invasion of privacy.


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