To President Donald J. Trump:



I, the signatory of this petition, do hereby affirm that:


  • Whereas, in 2016 millions of Second Amendment voters elected candidates who would protect our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, and voted against those who would exploit tragedy to infringe on the individual right to keep and bear arms;
  • Whereas, as both a candidate and an incumbent, have promised those voters your support for the Second Amendment numerous times, and in numerous venues;
  • Whereas, any device to regulate the rate of fire of a semi-automatic (as opposed to fully automatic) firearm represents an infringement on the Second Amendment;
  • Whereas, age restrictions on firearm purchases by those aged eighteen, nineteen or twenty represent not only infringements on the Second Amendment, but also an attack on Americans’ gun-owning heritage;
  • Whereas, numerous types of gun control have repeatedly failed to prevent mass killings; and
  • Whereas, controlled, multi-variate research by Dr. John R. Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center and others have demonstrated that the probability of encountering armed victims deters criminals, terrorists and violent sociopaths.


I hereby urge you to reject calls for additional gun controls of any kind, particularly when made by political partisans whose opinions do not represent mainstream Americans, and to move forward with proposals to arm teachers and others who volunteer to protect school children in order that we may solve the problem of mass killing in our schools and elsewhere.


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