Bloomberg’s Gun Ban Group Bombs Again

Today, the Bloomberg-funded anti-gun group, we’ll call them “Moms Demand a Gun Ban,” is gleefully celebrating a “big victory” over free speech. The anti-gun Moms recently pushed Facebook to establish policies that would halt all private gun sales on its social networking sites (Facebook and Instagram). The Moms harangued Facebook until the social networking giant wincingly pushed a “victory” toward the gun-banning matrons. However, the so-called victory is largely symbolic, and will result in no substantive change to all the free speech being practiced on Facebook and Instagram. Bottom line: you might not be lawfully buying and selling guns on Facebook any more, but you won’t be lawfully buying and selling guns on Facebook any less.

Not-So-Big Changes at Facebook & Instagram

The new policies that Facebook just announced, in order to get the Moms to back off, amount to:

  • Age limits for posting a sale of a firearm (or other adult products, like alcohol).

  • Insistence that laws be followed during the sale of firearms (or other adult products).

  • Facebook now officially recommends keeping adult items, such as alcohol and firearms, away from kids.

Moms Win the Consolation Prize

The Moms got Facebook to restate the obvious—out loud!  UCLA law professor, and expert in gun control and firearms policy, Adam Winkler, said of Facebook’s changes:

"It's mostly a symbolic victory. It's not going to significantly reduce gun sales. It's not going to significantly reduce access to guns by criminals. But gun control advocates could use any victory they can get these days. Even if it's only a symbolic one."

Total failure at bullying Staples into a gun ban, gun freedom at Starbucks even after all the Bloomberg-funded pressure, and now this symbolic non-victory at Facebook. It’s difficult to keep from noticing that all of the Mom’s recent gun-ban efforts have flopped. The Moms are cleaning up, however, in the “participation trophy” category. Fortunately, nothing has really changed for reasonable, law-abiding social networkers like you.


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