Greensboro Show

GRNC needs volunteers to host the tables at the next gun show in Greensboro. It will be held this weekend Jan. 28th & 29th and YOUR help is needed.  We need all the available volunteer workers we can find.

If you could spare a morning or afternoon on one of those days it would be greatly appreciated.  If you have an articulate friend whom you would like to introduce to gun rights activism please invite her or him to work with us at the show.  It is not necessary for that person to be a current member.

Volunteers please email Jed Norris at or call at 336-674-5347 with your preferred day and time(s) to be scheduled to work.  Please respond directly to Jed Norris by clicking on the link rather than replying to this alert.  This will assure that your note will not be delayed or lost in the shuffle.

Paul Valone Briefs Progress Saturday

Come on out and volunteer or at least drop by on Saturday morning from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. GRNC President Paul Valone will be at the GRNC table briefing members of the progress of the efforts to achieve restaurant carry.