The bipartisan U.S. House: when good people absolutely, positively must be transformed into criminals, overnight. . .

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas attack, a bipartisan group of U.S. representatives have decided they will not “let a crisis go to waste.” Therefore, Reps. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) and Seth Moulton (D-Mass), have introduced a gun control bill (the so-called “Bump Stock Ban”) that would make criminals out of good, law-abiding citizens in the blink of an eye.

Their “just do something—anything!” reaction to the horrid actions of one man is knee-jerk at best, and sinister at worst. The precise reason that some U.S. House members would cause the retroactive prosecution of Americans for owning devices that were purchased legally is not important. What is important is to recognize the glaring un-Constitutionality and chilling effect of such a law, and of even greater importance: the people must stop them! 

This is Gun Control, Plain and Simple

Although the bill’s sponsors would tell you that this bill is only a ban on particular bump stock devices, the truth is, it creates an avenue for a ban on many devices. The ambiguous language in the bill is clearly designed to easily include: compensators, trigger jobs, dot sights and frankly anything that allows one to fire a gun more quickly.

As currently written, nearly any after-market device a firearm enthusiast might purchase or craft could be wedged into the bill’s definition of illegal. It’s an alarming legalistic catch-all, the sort that bureaucrats at all levels love to have at their disposal for selective enforcement. This isn’t a “common sense” law, this is population control, and this is not the stuff that free countries are made of!

Un-Constitutional: Let Us Count the Ways
In a perfect world, extra-Constitutional laws and edicts would never be established. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, so the American people often find it necessary to battle against laws (proposed or existing) that infringe on their human rights, and indeed, it looks like this is one of those times.

  • Shall Not Be Infringed
    Any bill that would criminalize simple (and very loosely defined) devices used on firearms is surely an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. While the proposed bill’s violation of the Second Amendment is clear, it is only the beginning. This proposed ban on devices violates the Constitution in other ways as well.
  • Ex Post Facto
    One does not need to read too far into the Constitution to find the portion that protects citizens against laws being imposed on them retroactively. In Article I, Section 9, the following is clearly stated: “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.” In a nutshell, this means a person cannot be criminalized for something that was made illegal after the fact. Yet, this is exactly what members of Congress are seeking: to make certain items illegal, and by definition, criminalize the owners of these items, after they were legally purchased or crafted.
  • Private Property Rights
    Since it is illegal for Congress to retroactively criminalize legally obtained and possessed items, as discussed above, the proposed bill wades even further into violating Natural rights. The U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment explicitly recognizes and protects private property. As such, Congress has no legitimate argument for seizing or criminalizing the proposed, legally obtained and possessed items.

Take Action Now

The only good news is, thanks to the Bill of Rights, the people in this country still have the power. Use your voice to put a stop to this rotten, rights-infringing proposal. Below, see how you can easily contact NC’s U.S. Representatives and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to demand they protect your rights, not oppress them.





    • PHONE U.S. SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE PAUL RYAN: Use this phone number, (202) 225-3031, and demand that he nip in the bud this rights-infringing proposal. Use the text provided below to convey an insistent, pro-freedom message.


    • EMAIL YOUR U.S. CONGRESSMAN: Use the contact links provided below to contact him or her, and use the copy/paste text provided under ‘Deliver This Message.’

      If you don’t know who your representative is: CLICK HERE to find out. Look for Find Your Representative at the upper-right portion of the page and plug in your zip code.

      Need your zip+4? CLICK HERE


  • PHONE EACH OF NC’S REPUBLICAN U.S. HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES: Use the phone numbers provided below to reach them, and use the following text to convey the message: no to dangerously ambiguous and un-Constitutional legislation. 



NC Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives:

Note: you will only be able to use the ‘Contact Forms’ linked below to email your own Representative, and please do. However, you are able to phone all of the listed Representatives, and we encourage you to do so.

Phone Email Contact Form
George Holding (NC-2) 919-782-4400
Walter Jones Jr. (NC-3) 800-351-1697
Virginia Foxx (NC-5) 828-265-0240
Mark Walker (NC-6) 336-626-3060
David Rouzer (NC-7) 910-253-6111
Richard Hudson (NC-8) 704-786-1612
Robert Pittenger (NC-9) 704-362-1060
Patrick McHenry (NC-10) 828-327-6100
Mark Meadows (NC-11) 828-693-5660
Ted Budd (NC-13) 336-998-1313





Suggested Subject:

   "Vote NO on So-called “Bipartisan” Gun Control"  



Dear Representative,

I am writing to insist that you oppose the gun control bill recently introduced by Representatives Curbelo and Moulton, a bill that would retroactively and recklessly criminalize throngs of good, law-abiding citizens.

The proposed bill’s broad and ambiguous definitions of devices would chillingly allow for the selective and rampant prosecution of innocent gun owners. Also, the proposed bill is in clear violation of the Constitution in several areas.

Most clearly it would violate the Second Amendment, but it would also violate the Constitution’s prohibition of ex post facto laws, as well as Fifth Amendment private property protections. For these reasons, I expect you to vigorously oppose this bill, and to encourage your colleagues to do the same.

I will continue to monitor your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina. 





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