Concealed Carry Reduces Gun Crime in Virginia Bars

It's been a year since our northern neighbor has allowed concealed carry in bars. Guess what? Less crime was committed! That's right, the anti-gun advocates predicting widespread violence and "blood in the streets" had it backwards once again.

  • As reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch gun crime in bars went down 5.2%.

  • The two fatal shootings that did occur were committed by felons carrying illegally. But the NC Assembly still doesn't trust you to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol like Applebee's!

  • So-called "pro-gun" Assembly members caved to misleading polls falsely suggesting North Carolinians don't want to be armed in restaurants that serve alcohol - even though VA shows us more guns = less crime - in bars!

  • The proposed law permitting carry in restaurants doesn't permit alcohol consumption while armed.

  • According to House Speaker, Thom Tillis, "The idea of concealed-carry in an Applebee's bothered people...".

  • Both Tillis and influential NC Senator Doug Berger dropped critical support of HB 111 legislation that promotes the Second Amendment right of concealed handgun permittees to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Speaking of Applebee's... Use of a handgun to thwart a mugging in an Applebee's illustrates the NEED for restaurant carry NOW!

  • The St. Pete Patch reports the mugging of an Applebee's patron was stopped by a handgun permittee.

  • Lucky for this young woman carry is permitted in restaurants that serve alcohol in Florida.

  • In North Carolina she would have been mugged and possibly worse!

  • HB 111, Handgun Permit Valid in Parks & Restaurants, is still alive in the Assembly.

Tillis, Berger and others trying to kill HB 111 need a clear, straight-forward kick-in-the-butt to bring them back from "poll-induced fantasyland" to reality where law-abiding North Carolinians have a RIGHT to bear arms!

Is There a Plan Afoot to Circumvent Parks Carry?

It is time to pin on your junior investigator badge, unless you want your city and county to prevent you from exercising your rights. You see, as soon as GRNC had engineered the passage of North Carolina's concealed carry law, anti-gun elements began plotting on how localities could get around the law by posting against your rights. So naturally we are concerned that the same may happen with the recent parks carry law. In the meantime, GRNC is committed to passing, HB 111 the next session with restaurant carry.

Oh yes, almost forgot, about the junior investigator part. You see, you folks are our eyes and ears on the ground. We need you to monitor local meetings. If you can't actually attend the meetings, you can at least check the agendas to see if there is anything questionable. If you do, please contact GRNC President Paul Valone at


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