Gun Rights Supporters:

You probably think you know why conservatives in general and gun rights supporters in particular have been gradually but continuously losing the war for freedom. Maybe you attribute it to "The 47%," or to the "dumbing down" of our educational system. Maybe you even think we aren't losing (bless your heart).

But those things are strategies of the left, not the reasons they are winning. Worse, even our wins -- like our clean sweep in the 2012 North Carolina elections -- are just speed bumps for the left's "Long March" through our media, cultural institutions, and schools.

Fortunately, we can still wrestle mainstream America back from the radical left. But winning will take a multi-generational war for which most mainstream Americans are woefully unprepared.

Why are you probably unprepared? Because you still think the strength of our argument will win the day, because you probably still just defend yourself when attacked by the left and, most importantly, because when you win an election, you just want to go home and be left alone.

Meanwhile, leftists in government and elsewhere continue their relentless search for new ways to control you, with gun control being just one example.

GRNC seminar will teach you to win!

I met a remarkable man a few weeks ago while attending the Civitas Institute's "Conservative Leadership Conference": Dr. Tim Daughtry, nationally known speaker and author of "Waking the Sleeping Giant: How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals At Their Own Game."

Dr. Daughtry has taken the political tactics that Grass Roots North Carolina has used to successfully expand gun rights in our state and expanded them to encompass not only the battle for our legislature and Congress, but for western culture.

What 'Waking the Sleeping Giant' will teach you:

  • How leftists use your civility against you;
  • The three tactical goals to fight leftism;
  • Principals for mainstream activists to retake our culture; and much more.

Time is short: Seminar is April 6!

With only 3 days left before the seminar, learning how to regain your freedom means you must register now!

How to register

Where: The Inn at Greensboro Airport, conveniently located at Exit 211 off of I-40. The physical address is  6426 Burnt Poplar Rd, Greensboro, NC, 27409.  Phone: 336-668-0421. Directions: Take exit 211 for Gallimore Dairy Rd, turn right onto Gallimore Dairy Rd, left onto Burnt Poplar Rd. Hotel is on right.

When: April 6
8:30AM: Registration
9:00AM - 1:00PM: Dr. Tim Daughtry, "Waking the Sleeping Giant"
1:00PM - 1:30PM: Lunch
1:30PM - 4:30PM: GRNC president Paul Valone, "Guerilla Tactics for Gun Rights Warriors"

Cost & details:
GRNC Benefactor members: $25 (includes Dr. Daughtry's book)
PRO RKBA Benefactor corporate sponsors: $25 (includes book)
GRNC members:    $50 (includes book)
Non-members:    $75 (includes book and GRNC 1-year membership)

Registration: Learning how to defend your rights takes 2 simple steps:

  1. CLICK HERE (or to and make a donation in the amount based on the pricing listed above
  2. Please RSVP to: giving the number of people attending and their names. Note: If reservation is for more than one person or the name of the payee is different than the registrant, please note that it the RSVP.

When your rights are under unprecedented attack...

Can you afford to miss it?


Armatissimi e liberissimi,

P.S. As an all-volunteer organization, GRNC is member-funded. Right now, we are engaged in battles for your rights at both state and federal levels and, frankly, our resources are being tested.

Please consider contributing $50, $25, or even $10 to help GRNC bring the battle to those who would end gun ownership in America.

Late-breaking alert:

Many of you have expressed concerns about Senator Pete Brunstetter's bill, SB 124: "Shoot Gun Inside/To Incite Fear." As you may have seen, the bill is up for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary I Committee tomorrow. The good news is that Sen. Brunstetter has worked with GRNC to develop language neutral to lawful gun use by: (1) Limiting it to discharge of firearms within occupied dwellings and structures; (2) Removing the "do harm" provision, thereby limiting the bill to the intent to incite fear; and (3) Stipulating that it applies only to inciting fear in another person. In its present form, SB 124 does not negatively impact lawful self-defense (including Castle Doctrine) or other lawful use of firearms. If you feel inclined, you can thank him at: