Grass Roots North Carolina is proud to release its "Remember in November" Candidate Evaluations for the 2020 Primary Election...


Unlike the candidate evaluations done by other gun rights organizations, GRNC prides itself on its "no compromise" approach. We don't make backroom deals, we don't alter ratings based on promises, and we don't sweep a candidate's prior actions under the rug.

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And watch for the Candidate Recommendations, which will be out soon
  GRNC-PVF's Candidate Recommendations differ from GRNC Candidate Evaluations. While the evaluations are intended to provide an objective measure of where candidates stand on Second Amendment issues, GRNC–PVF recommendations are analytical and therefore subject to interpretation. Also note that candidate recommendations, which are more limited than blanket “endorsements,” are not made in all races, only in races where a clear pro-gun candidate stands out or where strategic voting is necessary to keep anti-gun candidates out of office. You can read more about the Evaluations below.

North Carolina Primary Election

 Mar 3, 2020

Early Voting: Feb 13, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020

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About Remember in November
 If you are a new GRNC member who has not yet used GRNC’s “Remember in November” voter guides, you will soon experience the most comprehensive, objective and accurate candidate evaluation system in the state, and perhaps the country. Like a “AAA Guide” to political candidates, “Remember in November” tells you who supports your gun rights. GRNC candidate evaluations are even used by non-partisan “Project Vote Smart.”
Getting 150,000 voter guides into the hands of gun-owning voters is no small task, taking the work of dozens of volunteers and upwards of $40,000. For this reason...


We really need your help to get these guides into all of those hands. Won't you please consider contributing to help us with the "Remember in November" initiative? If you can, CLICK HERE to contribute (or go to:
How GRNC Evaluates Candidates
Unlike “the other gun rights organization,” GRNC doesn’t make “deals” for candidate ratings: A candidate gets what he or she earns, no more, no less. The candidate’s history of votes on gun legislation, bill sponsorship, bill support and survey scores are entered into a database which estimates the percentage of the time they can be expected to agree with a control group of our own Life and Benefactor members. A candidate who agrees at least 90% of the time gets a 4-star evaluation (GRNC ****); 80% gets 3 stars (***), 70% gets 2 stars (**); 60% gets 1 star (*) and under 60% gets a (0-star) evaluation. Gun votes are weighed more heavily than any other measure. Each measure (survey, votes, bill support) is shown as a percentage in the guide.
Making Evaluations Easy to Use
I often tell Second Amendment neophytes: “Lest you presume the political process is designed to exclude you, let me assure you that it is.” You don’t have time to track politicians, and political weasels know it. “Remember in November” is designed to make it easy for you to participate in the process.
If you haven't already, you will soon receive a mailed “Remember in November” voter guide containing all candidates in covered races for state and federal office across North Carolina, formatted into a guide that folds down to a brochure you can place into your pocket and take to the polls. To use it, you don’t even need to know your district number. Candidates are arranged alphabetically, meaning you need only compare the names in the guide with what you find on your ballot. For voters who want information by district, GRNC’s web site ( will contain downloadable files sorted by either last name or by district.
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